Technical Project Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Technical Project Manager, or a Project Manager, is responsible for managing projects to make sure the proposed plan adheres to the timeline, budget and scope. Their duties include planning projects in detail, setting schedules for all stakeholders and executing each step of the project.

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Technical Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Technical Project Managers have many duties and responsibilities. Some responsibilities are to 

  • Create management, communication plans and processes.
  • Analyze and develop procedures for management and technical duties.
  • Define project responsibilities with stakeholders.
  • Participate in how budget and staff are allocated for the project.
  • Maintain project time frames, budget estimates and status reports.
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Technical Project Manager Job Description Examples

What Does a Technical Project Manager Do?

Technical Project Managers are typically employed by large companies that oversee a number of internal projects, by consulting firms who hire out Technical Project Managers to companies or organizations in need of one for a specific undertaking or by themselves as freelancers. A Technical Project Manager is usually in charge of a team that has a focused project. The Technical Project Manager can have roles such as estimating project budgets, scheduling timelines for projects and arranging for resources such as computer equipment and software. Technical Project Managers coordinate teams and help solve technical problems.

Technical Project Manager Skills and Qualifications

Technical Project Managers are good communicators as well as people who have technical skills. Skills that a good Technical Project Manager might have are:

  • Strong communication skills to coordinate with team members, vendors and management
  • Analytical, computer, math and problem-solving skills to be able to use software and to explain the software
  • Organizational skills and time management skills to keep projects on track to the finish
  • Project managing skills to start projects and finish projects successfully

Technical Project Manager Salary Expectations

The average salary for a Technical Project Manager in the United States is $99,910 per year. This is the average, but compensation varies depending on bonus packages. The salary estimates are based on salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Technical Project Manager employees, users, as well as being collected from job advertisements on Indeed.

Technical Project Manager Education and Training Requirements

A Technical Project Manager often involves specialized education. Most businesses that hire Technical Project Managers expect at least a bachelor’s degree. Some businesses accept associate degrees with several years of experience with an information technology focus. Computer science degree programs with coursework in computer programming, computer architecture and database management are useful. A background in technical communication is useful because, as a Technical Project Manager, you will need to communicate with others about project specifications, technical details and deadlines. Further certification or graduate-level education is valued in the business world and for those who want to thrive in their careers.

Technical Project Manager Skills and Qualifications

While technical project managers must have the necessary technical skills for their jobs, they also need personal skills for their careers. Technical Project Managers need to have managerial skills, such as working with teams, scheduling, budgeting, and planning skills. A Technical Project Manager’s job requires attention to detail, good communication skills such as working well with others, analytical and abstract thinking skills and time management and organizational skills.

Technical Project Manager Experience Requirements

In addition to having an educational background in computer science, management and communication skills, it is useful to have a minimum of three years of management experience in the IT field. Technical Project Manager experience should include computer development work with a project-based focus and experience working with IT teams.

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Frequently asked questions about Technical Project Managers


What makes a good Technical Project Manager?

Technical Project Managers must have certain training, skills and qualities to be effective in their role. The best Technical Project Managers tend to have a similar set of attributes, including: 

  • Self-motivation: Most Technical Project Managers are responsible for motivating a large team of people. Motivating themselves to stay focused and on-task helps model that behavior for others on the team. 
  • Analytical skills: Great Technical Project Managers have strong data analysis skills and know how to appropriately evaluate metrics for informed decision making. 
  • Communication abilities: Good Technical Project Managers must communicate with a large number of internal and external stakeholders through both verbal and written communication. 
  • Problem-solving capabilities: Each step in planning and executing a project usually requires some problem solving. Outstanding Technical Project Managers are creative thinkers with excellent problem-solving abilities. 
  • Leadership skills: In most cases, Technical Project Managers are one of the primary leaders on the project and must exhibit strong leadership skills to the team in order to meet their goals and objectives.


What is the difference between a Technical Project Manager and a Project Coordinator?

While Technical Project Managers and Project Coordinators likely work together to achieve the goals of their set project, the work that they do differs considerably. Technical Project Managers are the primary leaders on a project and manage a large team of people to help make the project a success. Project Coordinators are entry-level employees who assist with distributing work schedules to the employees and stakeholders working on the project. They usually work as a part of the Technical Project Managers staff alongside other project management professionals. 


What are the daily duties of a Technical Project Manager?

A Technical Project Manager’s daily duties can vary considerably depending on the organization for which they work and the stage of the project they’re in. In most cases, Technical Project Managers spend the majority of their time tracking the progress of their project and adjusting timelines, budgets and resources as needed to reflect the progress. Most days, they’ll meet with internal and external stakeholders, visit the worksite (if applicable to the project) and document the progress for their records. They might work on preparations for their next project while in the midst of completing a current project.


Who reports to a Technical Project Manager?

Many different people can report to a Technical Project Manager depending on the scope and specifics of the project. In most cases, there are two distinct groups that report to the Technical Project Manager—the project management team and the employees executing the project. Amongst the project management team, the most common employees to report to the Technical Project Manager include the Project Coordinator, the Project Scheduler and the Assistant Project Manager. The other people who might report to the Technical Project Manager depend on the industry and type of project the Technical Project Manager is overseeing. 

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