Technical Support Specialist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Technical Support Specialist, or an IT Support Specialist, is responsible for assisting customers with technical issues or questions relating to computer hardware or software devices. Their duties include taking phone calls from customers or communicating with them through messaging platforms, helping customers diagnose technical issues over the phone and speaking with them about installing hardware or software on their computers.

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Technical Support Specialist duties and responsibilities

A Technical Support Specialist’s role in a firm is crucial to its operation. They ensure that all technical aspects are functioning optimally. Technical hiccups can affect a company’s performance. Therefore, a Technical Support Specialist’s duties and responsibilities may revolve around maximizing computer system capabilities and making recommendations like the following:

  • Handling customer technical support cases through phone and email submission
  • Updating the company website with tech tips and brief documents
  • Evaluating system potential through assessing compatibility of new programs with existing programs
  • Improving existing programs by evaluating objectives and specifications, reviewing proposed changes and making recommendations
  • Maintaining system functionality by testing computer components
  • Achieving computer stem objectives through collecting relevant data, identifying and evaluating options and suggesting a course of action
  • Maintain client confidence by keeping their information confidential
  • Preparing reference material for users by drafting operation instructions

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Technical Support Specialist Job Description Examples

What does a Technical Support Specialist do?

Technical Support Specialists typically work for tech companies or IT firms to help users navigate company products and how to use them. They work closely with other Technical Support Specialists to solve complex hardware or software issues and respond to high call volumes. Their job is it stay up-to-date on company products and how they work in order to best help customers with their questions. They may be responsible for taking feedback from customers and relaying information about recurring issues with computer hardware or software to Product Engineers.

Technical Support Specialist skills and qualifications

Successful Technical Support Specialists will have various skills and qualifications to help them in fulfilling their required duties. Technical Support Specialist skills are crucial to the success of your company because they gauge the ability of the candidates to perform their duties. Some of the skills and qualifications to look out for in this position include:

  • Network design and implementation 
  • Exceptional vendor relationships 
  • Outstanding knowledge of software maintenance
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Load balancing and scalability
  • Database performance modification
  • Process improvement
  • Software performance modification

Technical Support Specialist salary expectations

The average salary for a Technical Support Specialist is $15.55 per hour. Salaries may vary depending on the location of a company. When selecting fair and competitive compensation, review current salaries in your industry and geographical location.

Technical Support Specialist education and training requirements

A technical support specialist needs to have a rich academic background in technical specialization. Education and training qualifications are a necessary guarantee that the candidate has a sufficient foundation in the field of a technical support specialist. Some basic education and training requirements may include a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or a related field, which are not necessary but may be a benefit. A technical specialist may also have training in computer programs with professional certificates and an ITIL foundation.

Technical Support Specialist experience requirements

Experience should be a requirement in the Technical Support Specialist position. An experienced Technical Support Specialist should be able to tackle problems in technical systems with skill and accuracy. The following Technical Support Specialist experience requirements will help you attract the right candidate for the job. 

First, they may have knowledge of mainstream mobile device platforms like Android, Windows phone and iOS. They should be able to work under pressure. They may be passionate about customer service and the ability to deal with challenging customer conversations. They may understand networking technologies and concepts. Finally, they may have good working knowledge of voice telephony. 

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Frequently asked questions about Technical Support Specialists

What is the difference between a Technical Support Specialist and a Customer Service Representative?

The difference between a Technical Support Specialist and a Customer Service Representative is the departments they work in and their specific job duties. For example, Technical Support Specialists typically have an in-depth understanding of company hardware or software products that allow them to answer customer questions. Their job focuses on helping customers install hardware or software and troubleshoot potential issues. 

In contrast, Customer Service Representatives work within the customer service department of a company to answer calls from customers or clients. Unlike Technical Support Specialists, Customer Service Representatives typically help answer more standard questions, like how to change a password, cancel a subscription, receive refunds or file complaints. In situations where customers have in-depth questions about computer products, Customer Service Representatives may transfer customers to the tech support department.


What are the daily duties of a Technical Support Specialist?

On a typical day, a Technical Support Specialist starts by checking their email, messaging platforms or voicemail to respond to time-sensitive messages from company employees or customers. Throughout the day, they divide their time with department meetings and interacting with customers over the phone or through messaging platforms. They greet customers, ask them to describe problems or questions they have and use their knowledge in combination with instruction manuals to help them solve their technical issues.


What qualities make a good Technical Support Specialist?

A good Technical Support specialist has excellent written and verbal communication, which allows them to connect with customers and clearly communicate ideas. They have the ability to remain patient, enabling them to maintain their composure when speaking with angry or confused customers. They also have the ability to visualize problems without actually being able to see them, which is especially important when helping customers diagnose issues over the phone or via messaging platforms. 

Further, a good Technical Support Specialist owns or uses one or more company products, allowing them to provide valuable insights to customers.


Who does a Technical Support Specialist report to?

A Technical Support Specialist typically reports to the IT Manager or the IT Department Manager at their company. These individuals help train Technical Support Specialists on how to communicate with customers and teach them about company products. Technical Support Specialists may also report indirectly to Hardware or Software Engineers to gain insights into new products or ask questions about complex customer issues.

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