Technical Writer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Technical Writer, or Technical Communicator, writes descriptive manuals and guides for complex subjects. Their duties include researching topics, writing documents and editing their work for publication.


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Technical Writer duties and responsibilities

The Technical Writer is responsible for generating innovative ideas for content while working both independently and collaboratively as part of a team. The position researches products, services, technology or concepts to be documented and easily understood by a broad audience.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a Technical Writer include:

  • Determine the clearest and most logical way to present information for greatest reader comprehension.
  • Generate innovative ideas for content and workflow solutions.
  • Meet with subject-matter experts to ensure specialized topics are appropriately addressed.
  • Analyze information required for the development or update of policy, procedure and form documentation.
  • Review and/or copyedit content developed by other members of the team.


Technical Writer Job Description Examples:


Technical Writer

This is a brilliant new opportunity for an experienced and enthusiastic technical writer, with a great portfolio of existing writing work, to join our young, dynamic team at Leafwell, an exciting and fast-growing start-up.

We are looking for a talented and engaging technical writer for ongoing freelance work. Remote working conditions are possible.

Applicants must:

  • Have 2+ years experience

  • Have knowledge of the medical cannabis and CBD market and technical/medical background

  • Have the capacity to work in a fast-paced, fast moving environment

  • Have the ability to deliver projects quickly and to deadlines

  • Produce engaging, creative pieces which are gripping and informative from start to finish

  • Produce 100% original work

  • Thoroughly research written work to ensure all information included is factually accurate

  • Manage and deliver multiple pieces at once

  • Work effectively with a team or alone

  • Be extremely well organised

  • Have excellent eye for detail

  • Be able to deliver perfect articles without spelling or grammatical errors

  • Be fluent in spoken and written English

    To apply, please send your CV as well as a link to your up to date portfolio of existing video work.


  • Flexible working hours

  • Work from home opportunities

    Job Types: Part-time, Contract

    Salary: $15.00 to $20.00 /hour


  • writing: 2 years technical writing: 1 year English (Required)
  • ×

    Technical Writer

    Canon Business Process Services is seeking an experienced Technical Writer to edit, update and write maintenance procedures for gas turbines. This is a flexible remote work opportunity.

    Interested candidates should reside within reasonable proximity to the Greater Atlanta market. It may be necessary to attend live meetings occasionally.

  • Reviews and edits procedures related to the assembly and dis-assembly of gas turbines for ongoing maintenance.

  • Works closely with Design Engineers and Field Engineers, analyzing 3-D drawings.

  • Identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures and processes.

  • Research and edit existing documents and operating procedures based on engineering drawings and technical information from engineering documentation

  • Review and understand arrangement, assembly and schematic drawings/diagrams

  • Review and compare Bills of Materials (BOMs) for New Product Introduction (NPI) including new units and new outage tooling

  • Review and compare mechanical configurations to revise GT maintenance procedures or create new ones based on design enhancements

  • Write, revise, proofread, review, standardize, and digitize GT disassembly, inspection, repair, and reassembly procedures and inspection forms

  • Collaborate with Productivity Engineering to update Field Procedures as required for NPI tooling development

  • Collaborate with regional Field Engineering teams to simplify and improve Field Procedures

  • Maintain revision control of created and/or revised procedures and documents

  • Create procedures based on standardized templates

  • Convert legacy/previous formatting to latest formatting

  • Work with databases, digital libraries and workflow systems

  • Create One-Page sign-off Field Procedures affecting gas turbine maintenance outages, Field Engineers (FE) and Craft Labor

  • Convert existing FP’s into “fillable PDF” format, enabling mobile devices and simplifying/digitizing outage document retention

  • Apply and maintain metadata tags on created/revised documents. The tags are used in the Master Index search, which is used by over 10,000 FE’s and operations personnel to locate the documents in the Library. Keep library and master index in sync.

  • Self-sufficient interaction with multiple design teams/engineers to secure content necessary for procedure creation/revision

  • Graphics: Experienced in creations and modifications of Fields Procedures, Forms and other documents

    Job Type: Full-time


  • Basic Engineering Concepts: 1 year (Preferred)

  • Gas Turbines Technical Writing: 1 year (Preferred)

  • Technical Writing: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Atlanta, GA (Required)


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off


  • Day shift

  • 8 hour Yes
  • ×

    Technical Writer

    Must Have Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Experience.

    Local Candidates Only!! You will be rejected if your location is not in Southern California!!

    DUE TO Covid-19 - OUR Office IS Currently Working Remotely. THE Below JOB Description With ON-Site Expectations Applies TO ALL Normal NON-Covid Operations.

    Pram Insurance Services, Inc. (Pram) is a privately owned third party administrator providing insured prescription benefits to various entities such as insurance companies, associations and employer groups throughout the United States. Pram has access to a wide range of resources and solutions in the industry, having focused exclusively on pharmacy benefits since 1989.

    Through the strength of its management team, ability to conduct business in nearly all 50 states, and its passion for excellence, Pram provides comprehensive prescription benefits, custom plan designs, underwriting, PBM interface, plan administration, and auditing & consulting services.

    Pram offers its employees a full range of insurance benefits including medical, dental, vision, prescription & life. Pram also offers a 401k matching program after one year of employment along with a generous PTO policy.

    Pram is seeking an experienced programming analyst to join our team.

    Locals only. No remote applicants please.

    This position requires you to report to an office in Brea, CA. We are not interested in hiring on a "work from home" basis.


  • Manage multiple projects and priorities in a dynamic work environment.

  • Work with management to diagram and document requirements and collaborate with the development teams to implement those requirements in their solutions.

  • Create artifacts such as process flows, wireframes, mockups, mapping, and functional requirements that effectively communicate business requirements and that are easily consumed by Technology teams.

  • Clean up and document existing processes.

  • Assist with QA testing and managing UAT with business owners.

  • Design new and existing report requirements layouts.

  • Help to create new reports, queries, extracts in SQL and Excel.

  • Support business applications and processes. Troubleshoot application issues and work with development team to resolve.

  • Manage the project/feature backlog. Work with management and development team to assign priorities and resources.

  • Perform operational tasks. Setting up groups, companies, etc.

    Required Skills/Background:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business or Computer Information Systems desired.

  • Requires 5+ years working in a Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, or Quality Assurance role.

  • Able to work independently and within a collaborative team environment with minimal guidance/supervision.

  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.

  • Strong time management, attention to detail, analytic and organizational skills.

  • Strong knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio, Balsamiq, and SQL.

  • Knowledge of Health Insurance, Pharmacy Benefits Management preferred.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $85,000.00 to $90,000.00 /year


  • MS SQL Server Mgmt Studio: 3 years (Required)

    Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off

    This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • Dependable -- more reliable than spontaneous

  • Detail-oriented -- would rather focus on the details of work than the bigger picture


  • Monday to Friday

  • No weekends

  • 8 hour shift

    Benefit Conditions:

  • Waiting period may No
  • What does a Technical Writer do?

    Technical Writers typically work for companies that manufacture complex machinery, appliances or tools and write manuals for their products. Others work for themselves as freelancers and get hired for individual writing assignments. They’re responsible for writing clear, easy-to-understand manuals and guides for installers or laypeople to use when receiving their new product.


    Technical Writer skills and qualifications 

    Technical Writers need familiarity with topic-based writing and structured content in line with the company’s goals. Technical Writers possess exceptional skills in selecting the appropriate medium for the target audience, such as manuals, online videos and graphics. 

    Here are some general skills and qualifications a Technical Writer needs:

    • Fluency in technical and common office software
    • Ability to pay attention to details
    • Written and oral communication skills
    • Ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a fast-paced environment
    • Willingness to take on new challenges and build on current skills
    • Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills
    • Ability to multi-task and be a self-starter
    • Ability to check all technical material for consistency and accuracy


    Technical Writer salary expectations

    The average salary for a Technical Writer is $57,200 per year in the United States, with a potential $2,000 cash bonus per year. Salary may depend on the level of experience, education and geographical location. 


    Technical Writer education and training requirements

    Technical Writers are generally required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in English, communication, business administration or technical writing. A high school diploma is mandatory. Software and IT companies may ask for specific training or college credits in a specialized area, possibly with the ability to code.  


    Technical Writer experience requirements

    The experience requirements for a Technical Writer vary depending on the company’s products and goals. Most companies will require 2-5 years of experience as a Writer, particularly creating content for non-technical users about the internet, consumer tech, web publishing or a related field.


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    Frequently asked questions about Technical Writers


    What makes a good Technical Writer?

    Technical Writers must have a number of skills and qualities to perform their jobs well. One of the most important abilities for a Technical Writer to have is solid writing prowess. Technical Writers must understand grammatical conventions and write in a clear and fluent manner. It’s also important for Technical Writers to be highly self-motivated and autonomous workers. 

    Whether a Technical Writer works as an internal employee for a company or as a freelancer, much of their time is spent writing with little oversight or supervision. Finally, Technical Writers must be excellent researchers so they accurately explain their topic to their reader. 


    What is the difference between a Technical Writer and a Copywriter?

    Technical Writers and Copywriters perform many of the same tasks on the job, but the type of writing they perform differs tremendously. Technical Writers primarily write manuals, guides and instruction booklets for professional and personal use. Copywriters, by contrast, write a much broader range of publications, from magazine articles to blog posts to advertising language. Technical Writers might have a background in their specific area of writing, while Copywriters often have more education in language and grammar generally than a specific field. 


    What are the daily duties of a Technical Writer?

    Most Technical Writers perform many of the same duties from day to day, regardless of the industry they’re in. In most cases, they spend their work time researching, writing and proofreading their assignments. They may have meetings with internal or external stakeholders to review their work or strategize about new assignments. In some cases, for technical pieces that include graphics or images, they might meet with an illustrator or photographer to discuss captions or layouts for the piece. Generally, however, Technical Writers usually work independently and autonomously. 


    What should you look for in a Technical Writer resume?

    When reviewing a potential Technical Writer candidate’s resume, look for a few specific elements to ensure they have the appropriate training and experience to succeed in the role. Technical Writers should have some background either in writing or language. Look for a degree in English or composition in addition to writing based work experience. Besides education and training, look for skills and qualities from past jobs that align with the skills posted in the job description. Likely, these include the ability to work independently, an understanding of the specific technical knowledge of the job and excellent communication skills. 

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