Telemarketer Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Telemarketer, or Telesales Representative, is responsible for talking to potential customers on the phone to sell products or solicit donations. Their duties include tracking customer contact lists, explaining the benefits of their products and taking payment information.

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Telemarketer duties and responsibilities

A Telemarketer’s daily duties focus primarily on getting money from donors or convincing the person they call to buy a product. The duties and responsibilities for a Telemarketer are:

  • Delivering scripted talks that describe the company’s products or services, a political talking point or charity appeal to persuade potential customers or donors
  • Explaining products and product prices
  • Answering customer information about products, a charity or political beliefs
  • Obtaining customer information such as name and address for shipping products or delivering services
  • Keeping track of customers that have been contacted and those who do not want to be contacted in the future
  • Following up on previous customers for potential sales
  • Maintaining records of customer contacts
  • Completing customer surveys to obtain information about potential customers
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Telemarketer Job Description Examples

What does a Telemarketer do?

Telemarketers work for call center companies to perform direct marketing on behalf of a range of clients. They often memorize conversation scripts to help build a rapport with sales leads, educate them about what they are offering and guide customers through the purchasing process. Telemarketers gather information from customers about their location and demographic to improve their lead generation strategies in the future. They answer questions about their organization or the products they are selling and explain its features. They also track which numbers they have already reached out to and when they last made contact.

Telemarketer Skills and Qualifications

The skill qualifications for a Telemarketer are:

  • Persistence: Telemarketers must not give in on the first negative answer from the potential customer but persist in informing the customer about their product or services.
  • Focus and determination: A Telemarketer must focus on sales results during a set scheduled earnings period for the company or organization.
  • Telephone sales: Previous telephone sales experience helps a Telemarketer interact with potential customers more effectively.
  • Time management: A Telemarketer must know how to manage time when speaking to many customers in a day.
  • Product knowledge: Telemarketers should thoroughly know the products or services, or political agendas they are selling and how to sell them with a focus on a customer’s demographics such as age, gender, belief et cetera.
  • Customer service: A Telemarketer should be a good customer service worker who knows how to deal with their potential customers. Customer service skills mean understanding customer needs and behaviors as well as responding appropriately to a customer’s questions or concerns.

Telemarketer Salary Expectations

A Telemarketer makes an average of $13.45 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location. 

Telemarketer Education and Training Requirements

The requirements for being a Telemarketer are less stringent than the requirements for many other professions. Most Telemarketer jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent. A Telemarketer will usually train on the job, but it helps to have a good telephone, communication and customer service skills for a job that is so focused on friendly and engaging customer interaction.

Telemarketer experience requirements

A telemarketer does not have to have much experience in the workplace or education for the Telemarketer job. It is a job that can be done with a minimal education and job experience, but it helps a Telemarketer to have previous customer experience in telephone sales or other customer service and persuasive jobs. Retail sales, community outreach experience and other customer service experiences are useful for a Telemarketer position.

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Frequently asked questions about Telemarketers


What is the difference between a Telemarketer and a Call Center Agent?

Telemarketers and Call Center Agents both operate out of physical or virtual call centers, but Telemarketers focus on sales while Call Center Agents generally handle customer service calls where they respond to customer complaints, feedback and questions. They both collect and verify information over the phone, but Telemarketers use this information to market a business and Call Center Agents use it to resolve problems. Telemarketers send outgoing calls based on phone number lists of potential leads. Call Center Agents, on the other hand, mainly accept incoming calls from consumers who reach out to them.


What are the daily duties of a Telemarketer?

On a typical day, Telemarketers start by preparing call sheets of potential sales information. Depending on their employer, they could only have a phone number or they could have the lead’s name, profession and other personal information. Telemarketers read from a script or use the main ideas to improvise based on the responses of the person they call. They record who they called, if they left a voicemail, if they picked up and the outcome of the call. Telemarketers continue calling customers until they have gone through their call list.


What are the characteristics of a good Telemarketer?

Good Telemarketers are charismatic and friendly people who find it easy to carry a conversation and persuade others of their point of view. They need to have a positive attitude to help deal with being rejected or questioned by potential sales leads. Successful Telemarketers are fast-paced and motivated, allowing them to close high volumes of sales by repeating the most successful versions of their call scripts. They use strategic sales methods to explain how their products would bring value to a customer’s life or solve common problems.


What are the types of Telemarketers?

There are a two main types of Telemarketing: inbound and outbound. Inbound telemarketing involves actively advertising the Telemarketer’s contact number so that customers can reach out to them and inquire about a product. Outbound Telemarketing is the traditional method of initiating calls to potential customers.

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