Volunteer Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Volunteer Coordinator, or Volunteer Program Coordinator, is responsible for overseeing Volunteer activities within an organization. Their duties include interviewing and hiring Volunteers, placing Volunteers in different roles based on their qualifications and maintaining accurate Volunteer records.

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Volunteer Coordinator duties and responsibilities 

The specific duties of a volunteer coordinator may vary depending on the type of nonprofit organization. However, there are typical duties, including recruiting, interviewing, supervising and training volunteers. Coordinators typically schedule volunteers for ongoing tasks as well as for staffing events. Organizing and promoting events is another responsibility that many organizations assign to the volunteer coordinator.  

The volunteer coordinator is usually responsible for tracking volunteer hours and managing award programs. Since volunteers are not paid, tracking a volunteer’s time with the organization is important, and allows the organization to recognize the person with certificates or other mementos. This plays an important role in recruiting and retaining good volunteers. Other volunteer coordinator duties and responsibilities include: 

  • Periodic evaluation of volunteers.

  • Planning and organizing events, including site selection, logistical arrangements, purchasing supplies, promoting events, scheduling and being the primary point of contact for the event.

  • Fundraising.

  • Community outreach activities.

  • Managing the volunteer database. 

  • Other administrative and management duties as assigned.

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Volunteer Coordinator Job Description Examples

What does a Volunteer Coordinator do? 

Volunteer Coordinators typically work for nonprofit organizations, healthcare organizations or government agencies to oversee Volunteer schedules and marketing efforts. They work closely with local schools and other institutions to connect with Volunteers and maintain a strong volunteer-base for their organization.

Their job is to hire and train Volunteers for a variety of projects or events and create Volunteer schedules to maintain business operations. They may also be responsible for providing high school or college-aged Volunteers with verification documents so that they can receive credit for their volunteer hours.

Volunteer Coordinator skills and qualifications

A volunteer coordinator is often an organization’s main point of contact with the public, responsible for managing and supervising large groups of volunteers. The coordinator must  be able to effectively communicate the organization’s mission with volunteers and provide frequent updates to board members. 

The success of an organization that depends on volunteers relies on its ability to motivate others to support the mission. The volunteer coordinator must be able to motivate, inspire and retain volunteers willing to donate their time for little to no financial compensation. A job description for a volunteer coordinator should also contain the following skills and qualifications requirements:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Computer Skills
  • Organization  Skills
  • Networking Skills

Volunteer Coordinator salary expectations 

Salary expectations for a volunteer coordinator can range from $7.25 to $30.30 per hour with the average US Salary being $15.69 per hour. This information is based on 863 anonymously submitted salaries to Indeed from employees and users along with past and present volunteer coordinator job postings on Indeed within the last 36 months. 

Volunteer Coordinator education and training requirements 

Most organizations prefer hiring an applicant who has a bachelor’s degree. While there are no specific degree requirements established for a volunteer coordinator, having a degree, coursework or related work experience in areas such as nonprofit administration/management, social work, and resource management are typically the most helpful in developing the leadership, conflict resolution and fund-development skills required for this position.  

Volunteer Coordinator experience requirements 

Many volunteer coordinators gain experience working as a volunteer with various organizations. Previous employment or volunteer experience using databases and Microsoft Office, especially Excel, in an organizational environment is especially beneficial along with HR experience in recruiting new employees or volunteers, fundraising, working on teams and leadership.

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Frequently asked questions about Volunteer Coordinators


What is the difference between a Volunteer Coordinator and a Training Coordinator?

Both Volunteer Coordinators and Training Coordinators oversee training for Volunteers or employees. However, they have different areas of job focus and work environments. For example, Volunteer Coordinators usually work with nonprofits or government agencies to ensure their employer has the talent they need to complete tasks and maintain operations. They also supervise Volunteers throughout the day.

In contrast, Training Coordinators usually work for large corporations or nonprofits. They focus specifically on looking for ways to improve their company’s onboarding and training procedures. When Training Coordinators work for nonprofits, they specialize in developing and executing Volunteer training programs, while Volunteer Coordinators focus on hiring and overseeing Volunteers.


What are the daily duties of a Volunteer Coordinator?

On a typical day, a Volunteer Coordinator starts by checking the work schedule to see which Volunteers are on duty. They greet Volunteers as they arrive and delegate tasks to them based on current needs.

Throughout the day, Volunteer Coordinators divide their time between their office and Volunteer work areas to check their progress and answer any questions they may have. Volunteer Coordinators also hold meetings with Volunteers to discuss upcoming events and scheduling needs. At the end of each workday, Volunteer Coordinators log the total number of hours that each Volunteer contributed.


What qualities make a good Volunteer Coordinator?

A good Volunteer Coordinator is someone who has a personable nature. This quality allows them to engage in meaningful communication with prospective Volunteers and persuade them to Volunteer at their company. They also have excellent written and verbal communication, enabling them to coordinate schedule changes, draft volunteer training documents and conduct Volunteer interviews.

In addition, a good Volunteer Coordinator is dedicated to their organization’s goals and values. This motivates them to hire Volunteers who will reflect and uphold those values through their volunteer work. They also have an innovative mindset that helps them develop unique marketing and outreach events for Volunteers.


Who does a Volunteer Coordinator report to?

Volunteer Coordinators usually report to the Director of Volunteer Services within large organizations. Depending on a company’s organization structure, the Volunteer Coordinator may also report to the Chief Executive Officer or Founder. These individuals help Volunteer Coordinators determine the volume of Volunteers they need to fulfill certain events or projects. They also help Volunteer Coordinators develop marketing strategies to attract Volunteers to their company.

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