Warehouse Worker Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Warehouse Worker, or Warehouse Associate, is responsible for carrying out the logistics of receiving, processing, storing and sending inventory according to purchase orders and shipping schedules. Their duties include loading orders onto trucks and shipping containers, organizing incoming stock and putting the appropriate labels on outgoing parcels.

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Warehouse Worker Duties and Responsibilities

The warehouse worker’s duties and responsibilities should be clearly detailed in the job description. Ideally, the job description should also provide a description of the warehouse, its functions and the warehouse worker’s expected role. Some responsibilities include:

  • Collecting merchandise from the distribution center and safely transporting materials to the shipping bay.

  • Receiving and documenting merchandise for delivery or return.

  • Keeping an inventory of all merchandise entering or exiting the warehouse.

  • Identifying any missing, lost or damaged materials and immediately notify the supervisor.

  • Ensuring that all the merchandise is safely and securely packed and labeled for shipping.

  • Managing all merchandise with appropriate care.

  • Assisting with training of newly employed workers.

  • Scanning labels to ensure products are shipped to the right destination.

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Warehouse Worker Job Description Examples

What Does a Warehouse Worker Do?

Warehouse Workers can directly work for a company or for a third-party shipping or storage company to facilitate the delivery of products to businesses and consumers. They work as part of a team to coordinate company operations and complete workflows  in order according to schedule. Warehouse Workers accept orders, enter them into the warehouse database and keep track of how much of each type of item or material they have in stock. They operate picking and lifting machines according to safety regulations and keep aisles clear and free of debris to make it easy to access bins and pallets.

Warehouse Worker Skills and Qualifications

A good job description clearly outlines both required and preferred skills for that particular position. Ideally, include educational requirements, previous job experience, specific certifications or technical skills, soft skills and personality traits. For the warehouse worker job description, keep the requirements list concise and provide enough detail for potential candidates to determine if they’re a good fit. 

Some examples of warehouse worker skills include:

  • Prior experience working in a warehouse
  • Knowledge of operating a forklift
  • Ability to work on feet for 8 hours and carry loads up to 80 pounds
  • Ability to work independently and safely

Warehouse Worker Salary Expectations 

The average salary for a warehouse worker in the US is about $14.90 an hour. Typical working hours include a 40-hour week, Monday to Saturday. Warehouse workers often need to work overtime which could add an additional $5,000 to the annual salary. Additional benefits like health insurance are also available. On average, the initial job tenure for a warehouse worker is 12 months.

Warehouse Worker Education and Training Requirements

All applicants should have a high school diploma or a GED. Certification in the operation of a forklift truck is not necessary but would be considered a plus.

Warehouse Worker Experience Requirements

Warehouse worker applicants should ideally have prior experience working in a warehouse. An experience of 2 to 3 years in a similar role would be preferred. 

Job Description Samples for Similar Positions

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Frequently asked questions about Warehouse Workers


What are the traits of a good Warehouse Worker?

A good Warehouse Worker has an excellent work ethic and is always looking for tasks to keep them busy. They are self-starters that look for ways to contribute to their team and exceed their production goals. Good Warehouse Workers have a strong memory that allows them to recall information about products, shipping details and the warehouse layout so they can easily access the inventory they need. They are great verbal and written communicators who constantly talk to other Warehouse Workers about the status of tasks and orders and record their workflows according to company policy.


What is the difference between a Warehouse Worker and a Forklift Operator?

While some Warehouse Workers may be certified to operate a forklift, their general duties are broader than that of a Forklift Operator. Where Forklift Operators use heavy machinery to place large bins and pallets on warehouse shelves, remove bulk inventory and help load heavy items onto shipping trucks, Warehouse Workers complete a variety of tasks including picking items, clearing debris, tagging inventory, scanning orders and placing items in the appropriate packaging for shipment. Warehouse Workers coordinate with Forklift Operators to break down large packages of bulk inventory for individual delivery or to pack together manufactured items into a bulk container.


What are the daily duties of a Warehouse Worker?

Warehouse Workers might spend their days counting inventory, sorting goods, re-stocking shelves or driving delivery trucks to manufacturers or clients. They use logistics software to accept incoming orders and check to make sure they have enough inventory on hand to fill those orders. After moving inventory from its place in the warehouse or re-filling an empty bin, Warehouse Workers update inventory records and any tracking data for their clients or suppliers.


Who does a Warehouse Worker report to?

Warehouse Workers directly report to a Warehouse Manager or Warehosue Foreman who organizes the logistics of that day’s workflow. Because of fluctuating orders and shipments, Warehouse Workers often get instructions on the day of their shift on what type of inventory they need to work with, where they need to deliver shipments and how they need to track priorities. Warehouse Workers collaborate together to accomplish projects based on the way the Warehouse Manager delegates and assigns tasks. The Warehouse Manager may split their team into smaller groups to improve the overall workflow of the warehouse.

Job Description Examples

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