How to write a job offer email

The job offer email is all about closing the deal. Watch our video to learn how to write a job offer email that gets accepted by your top candidate.
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Check out our job offer letter template to help you write an offer letter that gets accepted by your top candidate.

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Job offer FAQs

Employers may approach job offers in different ways. Job offer letters typically include the job title, start date, work hours, office location, salary and benefits information. You may also choose to give candidates additional information to allow them to accept or decline your offer. This could include attaching a few important documents, such as company policies, benefits info and compensation structure.

Employers typically send a job offer email after extending an initial offer over phone or video chat. According to an Indeed survey, 72% of candidates received a job offer in one week or less after their final interview,* so it’s common to send written job offers shortly after making a hiring decision.
*Source: Indeed survey, n=750

Written job offers typically present candidates with the basic terms of employment. Employers often provide additional information, such as company policies, at the time the employee is onboarded and officially begins their employment. An employment contract, on the other hand, is a legally binding document that usually has more specific terms and conditions that must be agreed to by both the employee and the employer. Employment contracts are not typically used for the average worker in the United States because employment is generally at-will.

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