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Posting a job on Indeed is free. Or you can choose to promote your job as a Sponsored Job to make the right hire faster. Free job postings show up in our search results based on relevancy. However, as thousands of new jobs are posted on Indeed everyday, your job will move back in our search results over time. Posting a job on Indeed is easy and takes less than five minutes.

Sponsor your job to reach more qualified candidates

Sponsor your job and receive better visibility in search results. Sponsoring provides you more qualified applicants, faster.

Unlike free job postings, Sponsored Jobs stay near the front of relevant search results. They attract more candidates to your job than a free job listing, allowing you to find more qualified applicants, faster.

There are no subscriptions or up-front fees when sponsoring your job. And you only pay when a job seeker clicks on your job. Since there are no contracts, you can stop sponsoring your job at any time.

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Indeed is the most effective hiring source for local talent. With over 250 million visitors to Indeed every month, we deliver local candidates to cities across the country.

Job seekers on Indeed search with keywords and locations. By including more job details and location information in your job posting, you’ll attract more qualified local applicants to your open positions.

Source: Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, September 2018

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