How to onboard new employees

Effective onboarding can have a big influence on employee productivity, retention and happiness. Watch our video for tips on setting new hires up for success with a great onboarding process.
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According to an Indeed survey, 39% of people who left a job within the first six months said more effective onboarding could’ve helped them stay longer.*
Our new hire onboarding checklist can help you guide employees through their first days and months at your company.

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*Source: Indeed survey, n=438

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Employee onboarding FAQs

For the latest information on new hire forms, reference local, state and federal regulations. In the United States, your new hires may be required to fill out paperwork like Form I-9, Form W-4 (or W-9 for a contractor), and other state and local tax forms. Other forms may include background check forms, direct deposit forms, and non-compete/confidentiality agreements.

Virtual onboarding can be just as effective as in-person onboarding. Adjust your language for a digital format, keep it interactive and create content in different formats to avoid “Zoom fatigue” (e.g., PDFs, 1:1 training, online videos).

Orientation is a small part of the longer onboarding process. It’s often a brief, one-time event that quickly introduces new employees to the company and their position. Employee onboarding is a hands-on version of orientation that can last up to 90 days.

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*Source: Indeed survey, n=334