How to post a job for free*

  1. Create your job post
  2. Include the location, an industry-standard job title, and a detailed job description. Here are some pro tips on writing a great job description.
  3. Set your application preferences
  4. Tell us how you want to receive applications, and who needs to see them.
  5. Choose skills assessments
  6. Pre-screen your applicants with skills, aptitude, and personality tests.
  7. Select optimization preferences
  8. You can pay to Sponsor your job for improved results, or post for free without optimization.

    *Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply.

Indeed helps the right candidates find you.

There are two ways to get your jobs on Indeed:

No career site?
Post jobs directly on Indeed

  • Post for free

    Post jobs for free and
    appear in general search results.

  • Pay to sponsor

    Sponsor your jobs for as little as
    $5/day to attract candidates faster.

Sponsor jobs from
your career site or ATS

  • Post for free

    Jobs from your employer career site can
    appear in general search results for free.

  • Pay to sponsor

    Drive more candidates to jobs on
    your career site with Sponsored Jobs.

Why sponsor your jobs

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    Free postings lose
    visibility over time

  • #

    Sponsored Jobs are 3.5X more likely to result in a hire

    Indeed data (worldwide)
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    Get noticed by more
    relevant talent

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    Pay only when people
    click on your jobs

How it works

  • People search for
    jobs on Indeed


    They enter keywords relevant to
    their experience and background.

  • Jobs appear in
    search results


    Indeed matches the job
    description and location to
    the keywords.

  • Sponsored Jobs get
    more visibility


    Sponsored Jobs get more visibility
    in search results while free
    listings lose visibility.