How pricing works

Pricing that puts you in control

Set a budget that works for you and only pay for quality applications that meet your criteria.

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  1. Only pay for quality

    Reject unwanted candidates before you're charged

  2. You're in control

    Agree to the price up front

  3. Flexible pricing

    No contracts, stop any time

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How does cost per application pricing work?

See the price for sponsoring your job

Pricing is determined by your job location, job title, and available job seekers in your market.

Agree to the price before you payNot available for all users

You’re always in control of what you spend. Stay within your budget by choosing to set an application limit, or receive applications until you pause your job.

Screenshot of options for receiving applications. User can choose to receive applications until they pause or close job or set a custom limit. An indication of cost per application is given.

You only pay for results

Set your criteria for quality candidates. Indeed gives you 48 hours to reject unwanted applications before you’re charged.

Screenshot of a candidate list showing a candidate with less than 1 hour left to replace. User chooses to reject candidate and receives a new replacement in their dashboard.

Why sponsor your job with Indeed?

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Boost your hiring performance

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  • Included
    Reject and replace unwanted applications
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    View matched candidates instantly
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    Increase job visibility in search results

Sponsor your job post now

How does Indeed calculate the cost per application for my job post?

Indeed takes into account your local market conditions as well as the job title and location for your job post. These factors influence the cost per application at the specific moment you decide to sponsor your job post.

Will the cost per application change in the future, even if I post the same job title?

Yes, the price depends on changing market conditions in your area. You will always see the price up front before sponsoring. Your cost per application could be more or less, even if you’re sponsoring the same job title as a previous post.

Is the free-to-post option still available?

Yes, certain jobs can be posted for free.