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Indeed Hire is a pay-per-hire service that gives companies access to easy and affordable recruiting.

We combine powerful technology with attentive Hiring Specialists to help you find the best people to join your team. You only pay when we make a hire - 10% of the candidate’s starting salary.*
*50% less than a traditional recruiting agency as determined by Bountyjobs 2018 Agency Benchmark Report.

Save time searching

We rapidly search and assess millions of candidates on Indeed, the world’s #1 job site*. You receive a shortlist of candidates who meet your criteria.

Hire fast

We keep the recruiting process moving by using automation technology that streamlines everyday tasks like resume screening and interview scheduling.

A human touch

Build your hiring capacity with a hiring specialist who gets candidates ready to work for you.
How it works
*comScore, Total Visits, March 2019
"Using Indeed Hire is a huge time saver for us and actually made our recruiting and hiring process enjoyable."
Erik Beguin
President and CEO
"Indeed Hire is definitely now a tool in our recruiting toolbox."
Paul Newman
Manager, Talent Acquisition
"Certainly touches a much broader pool of candidates than we could ever be exposed to."
Priya Rajkumar
Chief Operating Officer