5 Ways Indeed Integrates With Your Hiring Process

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We know from other employers like you that using lots of hiring platforms, software and/or tracking methods can be time consuming and frustrating. The Employer Dashboard is a one-stop plug and play —a place where you can document and track your hiring process. This saves you time — and more time means increased focus on your actual candidates and informed and thoughtful choices about your next hire.

Below, find out how Indeed can help accelerate and simplify your hiring process.

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How Indeed integrates with your hiring process


We’ve learned that the following five Indeed capabilities are among the most helpful to employers.


1. Collaborate with your coworkers


To work with your colleagues collaboratively and/or vet candidates across departments, simply add colleagues to your account from your Employer Dashboard. When you provide access to your dashboard via Communications Settings, you can share Notes, notify colleagues about candidate status, and literally be in virtual conversation about the entire process.


2. Export and review candidates

In your Employer Dashboard you can export candidates and/or review resumes to take immediate action. Here’s more on how to export candidates from Indeed.

When you sponsor your job on Indeed, you’ll also unlock Instant Match, a feature that automatically shows you candidates that fit your job description as soon as you pay to post your job. Once you review your matches, you can then invite the candidates you’re interested in to apply with a personalized message.

You can also set up Indeed Employer Assist, a feature that automatically notifies the candidates you’re not interested in. You can even create a confidential job posting that will allow you to find the right candidate and maintain your privacy.


3. Share applications and resumes with your colleagues


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When you’re ready to share (anything from a Job Post draft to candidates status) go to your Application Settings and simply add your colleagues’ email address to your Daily Updates option.


If specific colleagues need to see a resume, you can simply add their emails to daily updates so they will automatically receive resumes as well.

Need tips for reviewing resumes? Here’s our advice for conducting effective resume scans.


4. Reach out to your top candidates


It’s easy to communicate with candidates through your Employer Dashboard. When you message candidates through your Employer Dashboard, you can choose to reveal either your own personal contact information or your company’s contact information. This enables you to decide when and to whom you reveal your contact details.

You can also schedule and conduct virtual interviews directly on Indeed. When you see an applicant you’re interested in, go to the Interviews tab on the Candidate details page of your Employer Dashboard. (The option to conduct a virtual interview is the default Interview type, but you can also schedule phone or in-person interviews.) Read more about how to conduct a successful video interview on Indeed.


5. Adjust your job post or status


We’re here to guide you, but you’re the expert on all things related to your Job Post. You can edit, pause or close your job at any time. Pausing a job post temporarily removes it from Indeed’s search results. Keep in mind if you chose to pause your job for longer than a few days applicants may no longer be available. Top talent tends to move fast.


You always have the option to Open or better yet Repost your job when you’re ready.


Indeed makes it simple by allowing you to take action from your Employer Dashboard when the timing is right for you.


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