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Sponsored Jobs on Indeed: Tips for Employers

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Over 300 million job seekers search for jobs on Indeed every month. When posting a job, employers have the option to post a job for free or pay to sponsor their job.

If you choose to sponsor, your job post will have better visibility and is more likely to be seen by the candidates you’re looking for. Plus, you’ll only pay for candidates that meet your “deal breaker” requirements. You’ll also have more control over the quality of your candidates because we let you reject applications before you’re charged.

Additionally, sponsoring unlocks Instant Match which gives you the ability to immediately view candidates whose resumes on Indeed fit your job description and invite them to apply.

Below, you’ll find tips for deciding when to sponsor your job, the benefits that come with a paid job posting on Indeed and how to get started.

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What is a Sponsored Job?

A Sponsored Job is a paid job listing that is displayed in relevant job seeker search results. Since Sponsored Jobs have better visibility in search results for as long as they’re sponsored, you have a better chance of attracting quality applicants than with free job postings that fall back in search results over time.

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Another benefit of Sponsored Jobs is that you’ll only get applications from job seekers whose responses meet the questions you marked as “deal breakers.” If an application still doesn’t meet your needs, you can reject it within 72 hours of submission and we’ll replace it. All applications rejected within the 72 hour window will be removed from the total application count and replaced with new applications at no additional cost

Why you should consider sponsoring a job on Indeed

We’ve found that sponsoring has a significant impact on hiring. Employers are 4.5x more likely to make a hire when they sponsor.

Only pay for quality applications

When you add screening questions to your job post and set one or more of these questions as “deal breaker” requirements, you will only pay for applications that meet these requirements.

Indeed will show you which applications to your job post meet your requirements, and give you the choice to accept or reject them. You will continue to receive applications until your target is met, and you are only charged for the applications you decide to keep. The price to post a job on Indeed is transparent upfront, and is dependent on your specific hiring needs and budget.

Job Post Visibility

A Sponsored Job appears more often in search results and doesn’t fall back in search results over time like free listings. That’s a big deal, especially with today’s competitive market. Since sponsoring gives your job post more staying power, you’re more likely to receive more quality applicants than with a free listing. In fact, Sponsored Jobs deliver 30% more applicants on average than non-sponsored jobs.

Instant Match

When you sponsor a job, you also unlock Instant Match. With Instant Match, we search through millions of resumes on Indeed to show you candidates that fit your job description. You can then invite great candidates to apply right when you post, or at any time from your Employer Dashboard. Candidates you invite to apply through Instant Match are 3x more likely to apply to your job than those who only see it in search.

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Invite as many matched candidates to apply as you want.

How to sponsor a job posting on Indeed

When posting a job, you’ll have the option to sponsor after providing job details like your job title, job description and location.

Tell us your minimum qualifications by adding screener questions and checking the box called “deal breaker” next to each question. This gives Indeed permission to place applicants that do not meet your minimum requirements into your rejected tab.

When you reach the end of the job posting process, you’ll see the Sponsor Page, where you get to choose the number of applicants you would like to receive for your job. We will also recommend an application target based on past hiring data from employers who have made hires on Indeed.

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We set the price per application based on local job market conditions in your area, and the information you provide in your job post, like job title and location. Indeed will show you the price per application upfront so you can stay on budget.

Until you get the results you need, you can continue to receive applications and reject applications within 72 hours to avoid charges. When you reject an application we will send you a new application as soon as one becomes available. No additional steps are necessary to receive an additional application.

With price-per-application pricing, we aim to deliver the right amount of candidates who fit your role, saving you the time it takes to screen candidates. You can set a target for the number of applications you want to receive, and Indeed will pause your job post once the target is met. Or you can sponsor without setting a target, and manually pause your post.

Note: You can pause or close your job at any time, and you will only be charged for the amount of applications you received.

If you posted a free job, you can sponsor a job at any time from your Employer Dashboard. Just click Sponsor Job on the right-hand side of the job you want to sponsor.

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The flexibility of Sponsored Jobs

We know that hiring needs change all the time. That’s why you’re free to pause, resume or update your job post whenever you need to.

Click the Actions button at the right-hand side of a job card to edit your sponsoring settings.

When should you sponsor a job?

In certain hiring situations, you might not need to sponsor your job to attract enough quality candidates. However, if you need to hire fast or you’re hiring a hard-to-fill position, paying to post your job can make a huge difference.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to sponsor a job:

  • How soon do I need to hire? If you need to make a hire ASAP, sponsoring can help you get more quality applicants in less time.
  • How competitive is the hiring market? Posting a job for certain hard-to-fill positions (like nurses or engineers) can really benefit from the better visibility you can get from sponsoring your job.
  • Does location impact hiring? You’re more likely to see quality applicants with a Sponsored Job if you’re hiring in a location with a smaller pool of talent or if there are a large amount of companies in your area vying for that talent.
  • Are you struggling to fill a job? In general, if you have a good job description and title but you’re still having a hard time hiring, sponsoring your job can give your job post enough visibility to attract great candidates.

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