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Before we dive into the guide, let’s cover the top takeaways. These tips will help you start off on the right foot with your job search. 


Our top takeaways are:

  • Write your job post so it’s simple and easy to understand 
  • Include a pay range and location in your job description
  • Answer as many of Indeed’s prompts as you can when posting
  • Start your job post with must-have qualifications 
  • Add screener questions and skills tests to find responsive, quality candidates
  • Sponsor your job to increase your odds of making a hire
  • Reach out to our Customer Success team if you ever need help


Now, let’s dive into our comprehensive guide!




Table of contents

Gathering information

Writing the job post

Tools to find the right candidates

Sponsoring your job

Contacting Customer Success




Job Posts


A job post is more than a job post. It’s often a job seeker’s very first impression of your company. To make a great first impression with a job seeker, you should think like a job seeker when writing your job post.


And we can help.


We’ve taken the time to speak to job seekers looking for all sorts of jobs on Indeed. Now we’re sharing the things we’ve learned–what job seekers say they want–with you in this article. As you read on, remember to ask yourself “would a job seeker find this useful?” when deciding whether or not to include something in your job post.


Have you ever seen your job post on Indeed even though you didn’t post it? That’s because we aggregate job posts from other sites. We recommend always posting on Indeed so your job has the best chance of capturing the attention of top talent and candidates have the best experience possible when they view your job on


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Gathering information


Indeed’s step-by-step job post process makes posting jobs easier. To make the most of it, gather some info ahead of time.  


Here’s what job seekers say are must-haves if you want them to apply:  


  • A clear job title
  • Day-to-day responsibilities
  • Qualifications (degrees, certificates, software knowledge, etc.)
  • Exact location including street address (or remote)
  • Job type (full-time, part-time, etc.)
  • Pay range (hourly or salary)
  • Benefits (health, dental, etc.)


The above info covers the majority of the questions any job seeker is going to have about the position. And with this info, you can spend less time filling out your job post and more time connecting with great candidates. 



Opening up your search


For some jobs, hard skills and certifications are a must to consider a candidate. For others, you might want to prioritize ability and cultural fit. Why? Many of the employers we’ve talked to have stated that their best hires were somewhat unconventional.


It’s about potential. Some candidates might have the right attitude and the drive to be a powerful asset to your team, even if their resume isn’t packed with the exact experience you’re looking for. Below are some characteristics that many employers tell us they look for:


  • Integrity
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Willingness to learn
  • Independence
  • Ambition
  • Adaptability 


Don’t be afraid to mention some of these traits in your job description. That way, job seekers can see whether or not the role—and the company culture—is a good fit before they apply. 



Need-to-have vs nice-to-have


Your job description describes the ideal candidate, but there’s a difference between crucial hard skills and preferred (but still important) soft skills. The difference? You can’t consider someone for a Nursing job if they don’t even have a Nursing degree. 


For the sake of your job seekers, always put the need-to-have requirements at the top of your post. They’ll be thankful to see whether they’re qualified or not right off the bat. It’s also important to clearly label which qualifications are required and which are preferred.   


If you’re not sure, a quick conversation with a colleague can help you get on the same page.



Paying to optimize your post 


Any time you post a job on Indeed, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to pay to sponsor your job. Sponsoring has a number of benefits and it’s good to know ahead of time whether or not you have a hiring budget to begin with. 


If you post your job without sponsoring, you can always go back and add a budget later. 


New to sponsoring? We’ll explore how to sponsor a job and whether sponsoring is right for you later in this guide or you can learn more now.


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Writing the job post 


When you start a job post, Indeed breaks it down step-by-step so you don’t miss any crucial info that job seekers are looking for. Make sure to answer as many prompts as you can so we can help connect you with the right candidates. 



Best practices to follow


When you write in a way that’s easy to read, you’re more likely to have your post read from start to finish. Some job seekers might close out of a poorly formatted post even if they could be a good fit. And you definitely don’t want a talented job seeker to be left with a less-than-ideal impression of your company. 


Above all else, following these best practices will help you attract the kind of quality candidates you want to hire, even if they’re just scanning your post.


Here are a few best practices:  


  • Avoid big blocks of text – break it up into smaller 3-4 sentence paragraphs 
  • Use an accessible vocabulary anyone can understand
  • Use lists (bullet points) to make info easy to scan
  • Write in an upbeat, conversational tone 
  • Add sections (qualifications, benefits, etc.) for scannability


Filling Out Job Details


Once you start receiving prompts for job details, try not to skip any of the form fields Indeed provides. Pay range is the very first thing candidates look for in a job post–don’t skip it! Luckily, Indeed makes it easier by giving you salary recommendations based on average market data for the job title and location. 


Location is also a very important detail that you should include. Did you know that commute time is the #2 reason candidates withdraw from an application*? Even if you’re working remotely right now, including your company’s location is a must if you expect a new hire to work on-site in the future. 

*(Source: Indeed Data, US) 


The more info you provide the better. All that info is used to show quality candidates your job post in the search results. And don’t worry, all the job post info you type out is saved for next time. So the next time you post a job, you can save time by selecting a previous job post as a starting point.


view of the job details page

Not-so-little details that job seekers want to see. 



Writing Your Job Description


Your job description is where you list qualifications, skills, benefits, and anything else that’s relevant to the job. Indeed breaks it down one area at a time so it never feels like too much. 


A great job description includes 4 main sections: Introduction, Responsibilities, Requirements, and Benefits. If possible, try to add some of the need-to-have requirements in your intro so job seekers can immediately decide whether or not they’re qualified.


When writing your job description, you never need to start from scratch. Check out the job description templates at the bottom of this page as a thought-starter for your own job post–we have one for almost every job title you can think of. 


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Tools to find the right candidates 


Indeed has a number of free* tools to help you attract and find qualified applicants. When you use Applicant Qualifications and assessments, you’ll save time finding great candidates to interview.
*Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply



Required qualifications 


To quickly find your best applicants, make sure to ask some questions on the Applicant Qualifications page of your job post. You can ask questions about applicants’ qualifications and, later on, filter by these questions in your Employer Dashboard.  


Indeed provides a number of pre-made questions to choose from, but you can also customize Applicant Qualifications to fit your needs. That way, you can immediately see whether or not to consider an applicant for the job. 


You can choose to auto reject applicants who answer “no” to certain questions. Although it may seem harsh, people prefer to know where they stand with a potential employer. And Indeed creates polite, personalized emails on your behalf to soften the blow.


Sending auto-rejections helps you earn the Responsive Employer Badge, an icon that lets job seekers know you’re more likely to respond as they decide which jobs to apply to. 



View of the applicant qualifications page

Here are some of the pre-made Applicant Qualifications you can choose from. 



Knowledge-testing assessments


You can add assessments (aka skills tests) on the Customized Screening page in just a few clicks. Later on, you’ll be able to filter applicants by their test results in the Employer Dashboard.


We’ve heard from employers that skills tests are great for two main reasons. The first is that it helps you better understand the applicant’s expertise on a relevant subject. Second, a job seeker demonstrates they’re serious about the role if they take the time to complete a skills test.


In general, employers find that job seekers who complete an assessment are more likely to show up to an interview than those who don’t. And when you’re ready to schedule an interview, you can schedule it in-person, on the phone, or via video call straight from your Employer Dashboard. Indeed will even send interview reminders to candidates on your behalf to save you time.  


A look at the customized screening page

Skills tests available at the ready to help you screen candidates. 


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Sponsoring your job


Believe it or not, we understand that posting for free* (the default job post on Indeed) is sometimes the way to go in certain hiring situations. But if you want to hire fast or are hiring for a hard-to-fill position, paying to post your job will give your job better visibility in relevant search results. That means your job post will appear more often to the kind of candidates you’re looking for. 



Free v. Sponsored Jobs


To post for free* or to sponsor? That’s the question. 

  • How fast do you need to hire? If you’re trying to make a hire ASAP, sponsoring a job can help you receive more applicants in less time. 
  • How specialized is the role? If you’re trying to hire someone for a hard-to-fill position (e.g. nurses, engineers, and tax professionals) sponsoring can help you appear longer so you can reach enough quality candidates to make a great hire.
  • Where are you located? If you live in a place where there just isn’t a large pool of talent in your industry, sponsoring can give you the visibility you need to help find a great fit.
  • Are you having a hard time hiring? As a general rule of thumb, if you have a good job description and title but are still having trouble hiring, sponsoring can help. You may be hiring in a competitive market or have a hard-to-fill job.   



Benefits of Sponsoring


Sponsoring makes a big difference for employers who are serious about hiring. In fact, our data shows us that employers are 3.5x more likely to make a hire when sponsoring*.

*(Source: Indeed Data, worldwide) 


That’s significant, but not so surprising. Sponsored Jobs give you two major advantages to finding quality candidates:


Better visibility in search results

When a job seeker searches for a job, there’s no limit to the number of jobs that appears. It completely depends on how many employers need to fill a similar role.  


Sponsored Jobs have better visibility and appear for longer than non-sponsored jobs on the search results. Better visibility and post duration means better chances that the right person sees and applies for your job. 


Instant Match


As an added bonus, you’ll also automatically unlock Instant Match whenever you sponsor a job. With Instant Match, we search through millions of resumes on Indeed to show you candidates that fit your job description. You can then invite as many candidates as you’d like to apply.


By taking advantage of Instant Match, you can take a proactive approach to hiring and give job seekers a confidence-inspiring nudge to apply to your job. Our data shows us that candidates you invite to apply through Instant Match are 3x more likely to apply* to your job than those who only see it in search. It’s a huge perk of sponsoring. 

 *(Source: Indeed Data, US) 


A view of the sponsor job page

Sponsoring your job helps you attract more quality candidates.


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How billing works

What you spend is calculated on the number of times a job seeker engages with your job post. When you set a budget, we calculate the total cost. The number we provide is just an estimate of your cost based on the amount of time you run your ad. 


You can pause, close, or remove your budget at any time. Just click Edit Job in the Employer Dashboard. From there, you have the ability to change your budget, pause your job, or close it. We know that hiring needs can quickly change, which is why Indeed gives you complete control of your spend. 


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Contacting Customer Success


Need more help preparing and posting your job? Our Customer Success team optimizes jobs on Indeed every day. Feel free to reach out at any time for help between 8am-8pm EST. Otherwise, send a message to get a response within 24-48 hours. 


Our Customer Success team is here to help employers like you connect with great candidates. No need to have a job posted. We’re here to assist with your hiring needs no matter your circumstances. Give them a call to make sure your job title and description are the very best they can be. 


Want help? Call 1-800-475-4361 or send a message


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