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Note: Product features not available to all users at this time.great job description and employer brand can help you attract jobseekers. But it can leave you waiting for candidates to search and apply to your job. That is why we created Matched Candidates — a feature that comes with a paid job post on Indeed — to help you fill positions faster and with greater confidence. With Matched Candidates, the moment you sponsor a job on Indeed you will gain access to a list of quality candidates from over 1.66 crore resumes on Indeed that fit your job description. You can then invite your favourites to apply. With Matched Candidates, over 85% of employers get quality candidates right when they sponsor their job.[1] Below, you will learn how Matched Candidates works, including tips for using this feature to reach the people that meet your unique hiring needs and some helpful FAQs.


What is Matched Candidates?

Matched Candidates helps you get more quality candidates, fast. Instead of waiting for applications to roll in, this feature allows you to connect with candidates before they even apply for your job. How does it work? When you sponsor your job, we search through the lakhs of resumes on Indeed to surface candidates that fit your job description. When you see a candidate you are interested in, send them a personalised invitation to connect. By sponsoring your job, you also get better visibility in search results so more candidates can see and apply for your job. Learn more about the differences between free* vs Sponsored Jobs on Indeed. You can invite matched candidates to apply as soon as you sponsor a job, or any time after from your Employer Dashboard. *Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply.


Benefits of Matched Candidates

We know that one of the greatest obstacles employers face when hiring is attracting candidates with the right qualifications, skills and experience.Matched Candidates helps employers like you connect with quality candidates and hire faster than with non-sponsored jobs. Here’s how Matched Candidates can improve your hiring process:

  • Find more quality candidates: Matched Candidates makes it easy to find the right candidates. We search through the over 25 crore jobseeker resumes on Indeed to find matches that fit your job criteria. With Matched Candidates, over 90% of employers get quality candidates right when they sponsor their job.[2]
  • Connect and hire faster: Quickly invite matched candidates to apply to your job immediately after you pay to post instead of waiting for them to find you. Additionally, Indeed can automatically invite candidates on your behalf, if you opt in, to save you time. [3]
  • Stand out to quality jobseekers: When you invite matched candidates to apply, we send them a personalised email with your job information. Reaching out directly can show candidates that you have noticed them and help you create a positive candidate experience. This encourages them to apply. In fact, candidates you invite to apply through Matched Candidates are 4X more likely to apply to your job than those who only see it in search.[4]
  • Identify candidates who meet your job criteria up front: Rather than waiting to see who applies and going through a large pool of applicants, Matched Candidatesgives you a shortlist of top quality candidates.


How Matched Candidates works

Matched Candidates is quick and easy to use. Here’s how it works:

1. Share your job details

First, spend some time setting your criteria for quality candidates. This is the information we use to surface your matched candidates, so make sure it is accurate and complete. Write an informative job description and consider including screener questions or assessments. Indeed provides a number of pre-made screener questions to choose from based on your job title. You can also customise questions based on your specific requirements, like licenses, certifications or years of experience. Then, mark any must-haves as “deal-breakers.” This tells Indeed what you need from applicants to help you get better matches. Once you have all your job details together, unlock Matched Candidates by sponsoring your job on Indeed. You can do this by posting a job directly on Indeed or from your career site or ATS, and agreeing to a price per application.* You can also upgrade any of your free job posts to a Sponsored Job at any time from your Employer Dashboard.

2. See matched candidates

View the list of candidates whose resumes on Indeed match your job description. If you do not have time to review and invite your matched candidates right away, no problem. You can review your most recent matched candidates under the Candidates tab in your Employer Dashboard and invite them to apply any time.

3. Invite candidates to connect

Click the Invite button next to the candidates you are interested in. We will send these candidates a customisable email with your job information and a link to the job description. With pay per application (PPA) pricing,* you will only be charged when a jobseeker actually applies to your job, not when you invite them to apply. When a match you invite confirms their interest, you will be notified and the candidate will appear in the Candidates tab of your Employer Dashboard. Matched candidates who applied to the job after getting your invitation will have a tag in the Candidates list that says Invited to Apply.

Schedule interviews

Review your matched candidates and schedule interviews to learn more about their skills and experience. Note that you are under no obligation to interview or hire any invited matched candidate. *Not available to all users


Tips for making the most of Matched Candidates

Here are some tips for successfully finding quality candidates with Matched Candidates:

Optimise your job description to get great matches

Since Matched Candidates uses your job description to find matched candidates, make sure your job description accurately and completely describes who you are looking for. Consider adding screener questions and marking any must-haves as “deal-breakers” to help us surface better matches. It can also help to think like a jobseeker when creating your job posts so you do not leave out any important details. Additionally, here are some quick tips for writing effective job titles and descriptions on Indeed.

Customise your invitations

Your invitation messages are important because they can influence a candidate’s decision to apply for your job or not, and can form their first impression of your company. Tap the Preview/edit message button to customise your messages. Here’s an example of what a personalised invitation can look like: Hi [Candidate name], I have a [specific position] open that I think you would be a good fit for! There is a brief overview and the job description below. Please let me know if you are interested. Job details [Link to full job description] [Specific details about the job, including job type and location] Regards, [Recruiter name] Company name

Be intentional about who you invite to apply

We recommend thoughtfully inviting candidates to apply based on their skills, experience and qualifications, instead of inviting all matched candidates to apply. By only inviting the candidates you think could truly be a good fit for your role, you improve your chances of finding the right person for the job while maintaining a great candidate experience.


Matched Candidates FAQs

Where do Matched Candidates candidates come from?

Work Authorisation: Are you authorised to work in the United States?

How much does Matched Candidates cost?

Matched Candidates is a feature you unlock when you sponsor your job on Indeed. With Sponsored Jobs, you agree to a price per application upfront.* When you use Matched Candidates, you will only be charged when a jobseeker applies to your job, not when you invite them to connect. For more about Sponsored Job pricing check out our article Indeed Pricing: Job Posting Costs. *Not available to all users

Where will I see matched candidates?

You will initially see matched candidates right after you pay to post your job. After that, you can find these candidates in the Candidates tab of your Employer Dashboard.

When can I invite candidates to apply?

You can invite matched candidates to apply right when you pay to post your job, and any time after from your Employer Dashboard.

Can I customise the invite message to my matched candidates?

Yes. You can choose to send jobseekers a pre-written, personalised message or customise the content.

What if none of my matched candidates are qualified?

We use the job criteria listed in your posting to find your matched candidates. If you are not getting qualified matches, it may help to review and tweak the job posting. This article includes helpful tips for improving your job descriptions.

If I stop sponsoring a job, will I still be able to hear from matched candidates I have invited to apply?

Yes. If you invited matched candidates to apply to your job while it was sponsored, but are no longer sponsoring a job, you will still be able to hear from them if they apply.

What candidate details can I see? Can I see the whole resume?

You may see the candidate’s recent experience or their full resume by clicking on the resume icon. If you are interested in a candidate, we recommend inviting them to apply. You can review their full qualifications after they apply, and there’s no obligation to hire them if you find a candidate who is a better fit. Here are some tips for reviewing applicant resumes to help you identify your top picks.

What is the difference between Indeed Resume and Matched Candidates?

Matched Candidates is for employers who would like to immediately receive candidates for an active job post without having to search for them or wait for them to apply. Indeed Resume is a resume search engine for employers who want more precise control over search and open-ended access to candidates on Indeed.

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