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How to Automatically Schedule Interviews With Quality Candidates on Indeed

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Note: Direct to Interview is not available for all jobs at this time.

Employers report that one of most difficult steps in the hiring funnel to execute or automate is scheduling interviews.[1] This part of the hiring process can also take a lot of time. According to an Indeed survey, those responsible for hiring at small to medium-sized businesses report spending about 16% of their total time hiring on screening and evaluating candidates,[2] which includes reviewing applications, determining who to contact and scheduling interviews.

Direct to Interview is a feature on Indeed that can take a lot of these steps off your plate. Tell us what qualifications you’re looking for in candidates and Indeed will automatically screen applicants and schedule introductory calls on your behalf according to your set criteria. By automating interview scheduling, you can free up more time to focus on your most impactful tasks while still maintaining full control over your applications and next steps. 

Below, find out how screening and automated interview scheduling on Indeed works, its benefits and best practices for using it to speed up your hiring process.

What is Direct to Interview on Indeed?

When you opt in to Direct to Interview on Indeed, simply set your screening criteria and available times to interview. We automatically screen all applications as soon as people apply. If an applicant meets your quality criteria, Indeed automatically schedules a phone or video call that fits both your schedule and theirs. We’ll let you know about upcoming calls and send reminders to your candidates.

Please note that Direct to Interview differs from our general interview scheduling tool which allows you to manually schedule virtual interviews with candidates who’ve applied to your job.

Benefits of automated screening and scheduling on Indeed

Why opt in to Direct to Interview? Here are a few reasons to give it a try.

Save time on hiring: Skip the back-and-forth of scheduling interviews with candidates. We fast-track quality applications to the next step so you can spend more time on the candidates who could be your next hire. According to Indeed data, jobs using Direct to Interview are 18% more likely to report a hire by day 7 than jobs not opted-in to the feature.[3]

Quickly connect with candidates who match your set criteria: We simplify screening and scheduling so you can directly connect with candidates who match your job requirements, including your selected must-haves. Time-to-interview on Indeed is on average 20% faster than in-person interviews or virtual interviews with a third-party app.[4]

Flexibility to customize your hiring: You have the flexibility to choose what method of connection works best for you, whether it’s a phone call or a video interview, and how many candidates you want to meet. You can also review all applications, even those that don’t meet your quality criteria, and manually set up calls or interviews anytime.

Create a positive candidate experience: Interview scheduling on Indeed can set your candidate experience apart, reducing back-and-forth communication and empowering applicants to quickly select interview times that fit their schedule.

How does Direct to Interview work?

For eligible jobs, after you post a Sponsored Job on Indeed you’ll be asked if you’d like to “Automatically invite candidates to a call” which will opt you in. If you select “Don’t automatically invite candidates to a call,” you can opt in later when editing your job or reviewing candidates. If you don’t see the option to opt in, your job is not eligible at this time.

screening and scheduling automation opt in screen

After opting in, sync your calendar to let applicants know when you’re free. You’ll also be asked how you’d like to meet with candidates (video or phone call), how many candidates you’d like Indeed to invite for you and how long you want each call to be scheduled for (10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes). You can also include the name of the interviewer who will be leading the call for more transparency with your candidates.

screening and scheduling automation screen on indeed

Next, choose up to three quality criteria that Indeed will use to automatically screen candidates and arrange calls on your behalf. You can choose from quality criteria like:

screening and scheduling automation screen

*Note: The criteria “Took all skills tests” is only available for markets with Indeed Assessments, and may include people who’ve requested a reasonable accommodation.

Should you use screening and interview scheduling automation?

Not sure if you should opt in to Direct to Interview? This feature is often best for busy employers hiring for entry- or mid-level roles who want to quickly connect with the right candidates.

If you find that you’re spending a lot of time coordinating schedules, exchanging emails, sending reminders and rescheduling interviews, opting in to the Direct to Interview feature could speed up your process. It can also increase the number of interviews you conduct. Indeed data shows that jobs using Direct to Interview have 10.5X more interviews scheduled on Indeed.[5]

The great thing about this feature is that you can opt in as soon as you post your job, or later on. For example, if you don’t opt in right away but find that manually scheduling interviews is taking up a lot of your time, you can turn scheduling automation on at any time. This means you can also try it out and opt out later if you find that it’s not working for you.

Best practices for using Direct to Interview on Indeed

Once you’ve decided to opt in, it’s important to come up with the right quality criteria to help Indeed narrow down applications for you. Select up to three quality criteria based on the job you’re hiring for. “Passed my deal breakers” is often a good criterion to start with. Deal breakers on Indeed are the must-haves you defined earlier in the job posting process.

Consider being thoughtful about the requirements you choose. For example, does the role really require a Bachelor’s degree? Can some of the skills you’re looking for be learned on the job? By only asking for the skills and experience required to succeed in the role, you can connect with a more diverse set of applicants.

Once Indeed starts automatically scheduling calls with candidates who match your most important criteria, come up with a list of screening questions to ask them. Use these first conversations as a way to verify their provided information, gauge their interest and identify any barriers to performing the role. You can then schedule additional interviews with your top picks to learn more about them.

Direct to Interview FAQs

Can Direct to Interview be turned off?

Yes. You can try out the feature and if you decide you want to review each application and schedule introductory calls on your own, you can turn off automatic scheduling at any time.

To turn off this feature, edit your job, and under the section titled Automatically arrange calls, select “Don’t automatically invite candidates to a call.” Once you click save, Direct to Interview will no longer be active for that job.

How much does Direct to Interview cost?

Direct to Interview is only available for Sponsored Jobs. You will have the same opportunity to reject and replace candidates within 72 hours with no charge if they’re not a good fit, even if an interview has been scheduled.

How does Indeed decide who to invite to interview?

When applications match the quality criteria you’ve told us are most important, we’ll invite these candidates to introductory calls.

What do I need to do?

Choose how you’d like to meet with people and how many you can meet with. Then, make sure you leave enough time slots available for people to pick from. Need to reschedule or cancel calls? No problem.

Can I invite people to calls myself?

Yes. You can directly set up a call with anyone who applied. You can access all your applications whenever you’d like from your Employer Dashboard.

Can I still see applicants who don’t match my criteria?

Yes. Candidates who don’t match your criteria will not be automatically invited to a call, but you can still review their applications and reach out to them anytime.

How do I know if my job is eligible for Direct to Interview?

If a job is eligible, you’ll see the option to automatically schedule calls when posting your job. If a job is not eligible, you won’t see this option.

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