Employer Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions

We have made recent changes to your Employer Dashboard. Now, it’s easier than ever to manage candidates and track your hiring progress.


With these new features, you can:

  1. View candidates whose experiences and qualifications match your job posts.
  2. Filter applicants by location, qualifications, assessments, and your interest level.
  3. Your dashboard now automatically updates candidates’ status based on your actions.


Here’s how you can use new features to make the right hires quickly.



How can I see if a candidate has applied to multiple positions? 

Go to the candidate detail page and underneath Notes you’ll see all the jobs that this candidate has applied for.


Where are my past notes on a candidate? 

All the notes are on the candidate detail page right panel.


How can I see a list of candidates who have already completed a job assessment? 

In the candidate list view you can filter by assessment activity.


How can I export candidates for a specific job?

Navigate to the Candidates Page, select a job, select all candidates, and click export.


How do I export candidates for all jobs? 

To export one or more candidates to a job, navigate to the Candidates List page, select the job you’d like to export from, use the checkbox to select the candidates, then click the export button. 

To export all candidates from Open or Paused jobs, go to the Candidates List page, select “All Open and Paused Jobs”, then check the box to select all candidates, and click Export

To export candidates from a closed job, navigate to the Jobs page, select the job from the closed jobs list, click the job title, then  select some or all candidates, and click export. 


How can I find a candidate for a past job? 

On the Candidates List page, use the search box on the top right and enter a candidate’s name. This searches the Open and Paused Jobs.  

If the job is closed, and you know which job it was, you can navigate to the Jobs List page, select closed jobs, click the title of the job. Then you can search the resulting candidate list 


Look for upcoming improvements to the search features in coming months.

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