Sponsor your job and make hires, faster

Sponsor your job and make hires, faster

Employers with Sponsored Jobs are 4.5 times more likely to hire someone.*

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* Indeed data, Worldwide

Unlock Instant Match

Unlock Instant Match

Get immediate access to candidates whose resumes from our database meet your job criteria as soon as you sponsor your job. Invite candidates to apply, or let us send invites for you.

Screenshot showing the ability to invite candidates to apply for a job.

Only pay for quality applications

Only pay for quality applications

Only pay for applications that meet your must-have criteria, marked as deal breakers. Until you get the results you need, request a replacement, and we’ll send you a new application at no extra charge.

Screenshot showing the ability to set a number of applications goal based on job title and location

Get increased visibility

Get increased visibility

Sponsored jobs get increased visibility with candidates who meet your criteria and are ready to apply.

Screenshot of a sponsored job post showing the company logo and an apply button.

How pricing works

We win when you win. Only pay when you get the results you need.

  1. Set your qualifications

    Mark your must-have requirements as deal breakers, so you can focus on the candidates that fit your criteria.

  2. Agree to the price up front

    Your price per application is based on information you provide in your job post. No long-term contracts, ever.

  3. See applicants right away

    View an applicant’s qualifications so you can quickly decide who moves forward to an interview.

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We ended up finding the right candidate and teammate using the sponsored job feature within a week.

Anna Costello, Owner Ship Sunshine

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How much will this cost?

Before you spend, we’ll recommend a budget based on historical hiring data from jobs similar to yours and an estimated number of applications you’ll likely need to help you make a hire. You can easily adjust the total number of applications to meet your budget.

When will I be billed?

We bill the first of the month or when you reach $500 in spend. You’ll only be billed for applications that meet your deal breakers, up to the threshold you set. You won’t be charged for overages.

Can I post for free? 

Certain jobs can be posted for free on Indeed. Free job posts fall back in search results over time. To save you time and increase your chances of making a hire, pay to post your job.

Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply.