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And while Indeed doesn't have a groundhog that appears when you see the perfect hire, we do have skills tests that help you pick the right candidate.      

* SilkRoad Technology Source of Hire Report 2018.

There’s a skills test here that’s perfect for your job posting.

Indeed Assessments:

Our tests are designed by job-industry experts

Select from more than 50 specialized skills tests that allow you to see how quickly job candidates learn, their problem solving abilities and the other skills that are important for your business.

We have tests for any industry

Technology, sales, hospitality, customer support - you name it, we have skills tests that will enlighten your hiring decision. Have each candidate step up and demonstrate their greatness.

Really see what those job candidates can do

You’ll get a detailed breakdown of how each person performed, as well as results sorted by test scores. Now you can see beyond the resume and get a more complete picture of your applicants.

Make your next hire with Indeed

Find the best person for your job - and leave the groundhogs to their weather predictions.