Build confidence for your job search

The Job Search Academy is a free virtual program created to help you excel in your job search. The program focuses on mastering the 5 key areas of the job search so you feel confident every step of the way–because everyone deserves better work. 

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Academy Game Plan

Complete all five sessions to become a Job Search All-Star

  1. Job Search

    Learn 7 steps for a successful job search to help you get closer to better work with ease and efficiency.

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  2. Resume Writing

    Get tips on how to present yourself on paper to stand out to hiring managers and get your foot in the door.

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  3. Interview Prep

    Learn the 4 questions you must be able to answer to ace your interviews and show why you should be hired.

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  4. Offer Evaluation

    Learn how to evaluate opportunities and negotiate your salary to find the best job, company and pay.

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  5. Career Direction

    Get 8 career management tips to help you understand your new role and lead to better work for a lifetime.

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Upgrade your job search with career tools and resources

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Career Services from Indeed

Whether reviewing your resume, preparing for an interview, evaluating an offer, or providing career coaching, we have the tools and services to help you find better work.

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Manage your Indeed Profile

Keep your Indeed profile up-to-date with your most current skills, experience and job search preferences.

Continue leveling up with additional career resources

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Indeed YouTube Channel

Watch videos that offer career tips, highlight career paths, and more

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Indeed Career Guide

Read through articles with advice on how to find a job, write your resume and cover letter, interview, begin a new career, and negotiate salary.

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Job Search Academy testimonials

I found the Job Search Academy and the five short courses involved both informative and useful. I now work on keeping my resume up to date and know that it is important to keep evaluating myself and the company in which I work. Thank you, Indeed!

- Job Search Academy graduate

Whether you’re actively looking for a job or thinking about making a move, Indeed’s Job Search Academy puts you on the right track.

- Job Search Academy graduate

I signed up for these webinars with the intention of just getting some resume help and left with so much more. I can't recommend the Job Search Academy enough!

- Job Search Academy graduate

Each one-hour webinar is a master class that extensively covers distinct approaches, including how to find the right job, how to write an effective resume, how to win an interview, and how to evaluate which offer best suits one’s particular needs and wants.

- Job Search Academy graduate

The Negotiating Salary webinar/tips were very helpful. I had an interview this morning and it went very well. When we were discussing salary range, they gave their range and asked for mine. I explained why I am worth a bit more and they were receptive and could increase theirs. They are getting back to me later today.

- Job Search Academy graduate
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