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In March 2023, Indeed supported the White House in an effort to fill open roles in schools across America. Whether you’re pursuing roles in teaching, transportation, or administration, we’re here to help you find better work.

Resources for teachers

Teaching provides an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of students and help shape the future of society. Read on to learn more about how to become a teacher.

Students and instructors looking at laptops

Alternative teaching certifications by state

With over 35,000 teacher vacancies, many states are offering alternate pathways to certification.

Teacher smiling at small children in a classroom

Q&A: Can I become a teacher without a bachelor's degree?

Although a basic degree is normally required, qualifications can vary depending on the job.

Person with clipboard interviewing a candidate

50 teacher interview questions (with sample answers)

Review these 50 questions before you apply for a job and feel confident walking into the interview.

Man laughing while working at a desk and talking with a student in a library

Top 10 skills to include on your teacher resume

Skills like time management and critical thinking can help you stand out.

Looking for better work in the education industry?

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Resources for other roles in education

The education industry is more than teachers. It’s bus drivers and nurses, librarians and guidance counselors, coaches, administrators, and so much more. No matter your calling, there’s a place for you in education.

Bus driver smiling and high fiving a student on the bus

25 types of jobs in the education field (with salaries)

Take a deep dive into the primary duties (and pay) of a variety of roles in education.

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19 careers in education management (with duties and salaries)

Explore operational, technical and managerial jobs in education to help decide the right path for you.

Woman sitting at desk and working on a laptop

How to write education cover letters (with tips and examples)

Your cover letter is your first impression. Here are some tips to make sure you stand out.

School nurse examining a student's leg for injury

Writing an education resume objective (with examples)

A brief, compelling education resume objective can improve your chances of getting an interview.

Career Services

Job search with confidence

Your career is a unique path, but you don’t need to walk alone. Indeed is here for career support every step of the way.

Whether it’s reviewing your resume, preparing for an interview, evaluating an offer, or providing career coaching, we have the tools and services to help you find better work in the education industry.

Career coaching

Sometimes we all need a talk with a guidance counselor. No matter your 5-year plan, our coaches can help you reach your career goals.

Resume help

See instant feedback on an existing resume or get a complete rewrite from a professional and nail your first impression.

Interview prep

Try our new mock interview practice session to improve your interviewing skills with coaches in real time.

Offer review

See how your offer compares to a similar role, or talk with our coaches to help you evaluate and negotiate your way to a better offer.

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