Indeed's 2024 Workforce Insights Report

At Indeed, our core focus is connecting people to better work. But what is “better work”? 

Our inaugural Workforce Insights Report provides research into what matters most to workers in 2024.

Based on a survey of 5,000+ U.S. workers, we’ve explored whether people want to apply to jobs  — and what’s holding them back. 

If you are open to new job opportunities, we’ve provided Indeed’s top tools and advice as well as the Best Jobs of 2024. 

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Key Insights from the Report

More than two-thirds (71%) of workers said they are open to new opportunities and 60% agreed they are prepared to apply.

Nearly half of workers (49%) agreed that most job application processes are too long and complicated.

Of those employed or recently unemployed and open to new job opportunities, 40% said they want a hybrid role.

About one third (35%) of workers update their resumes at least every six months, while more than half (56%) update their resumes at most once a year or only when gearing up for a job search.

When researching a company, the vast majority (74%) said they look for salary information. A third as many (28%) research the company’s interview process.

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Four Key Questions Addressed

Do workers want to search for new jobs?

Many workers are open to new opportunities offering higher pay, better benefits and greater flexibility.


Are workers ready to seek out their next roles?

Job search preparation levels vary, but many workers are proactive. 


What is holding workers back in their job search?

Lengthy application processes and a lack of salary transparency deter workers.

How can workers improve their odds of finding better work? 

Indeed offers the tools and resources to help workers find the right job for them.