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Electrical Engineer II

Raytheon Canada
Marlborough, MA


Marlborough, MA

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Electrical Engineer II: Array Analyst

This position is for an electrical engineer who is seeking to utilize his/her strong academic background and experience in antenna and radar system theory and design, including architectures and RF/Microwave components, subsystems and Active Electronically Steered Antennas (AESA). The successful candidate will employ their working knowledge of electromagnetic theory and radar systems, and their analytical skills in radar, antenna, and microwave systems. Responsibilities will include hands-on testing of microwave components and antennas. Provide technical support for proposal activities. Team leadership skills including cost and schedule management experience are desired.

This position can be an E02 or an E03 based on the candidate's qualifications as they related to the skills, experiences, and responsibilities required for the position.

Required Skills and Education:

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering plus minimum of 2 years direct experience OR


MS degree in Electrical Engineering plus minimum of 1 year experience

Experience should be in the following



Antenna or radar analysis and hardware design and test


Hands-on experience with electromagnetic simulation tools such as HFSS, ADS, CST and analytical tools such as MatLab.

Desired Skills:

Candidates should have a propensity for learning through self-study, and be comfortable in a multi-tasking environment.


Excellent written and oral communication skills


Strong academic background that includes courses in: Microwave Engineering, Electromagnetic Theory, Antenna Theory, and Radar Systems


Hands on experience with antenna testing techniques, including near field range, far field range or compact range testing


Strong measurement capability, including Vector Network Analyzers, and antenna measurements


Experience in technical writing, proposal writing, and oral presentations


Experience in cost estimating, budget and schedule management


Experience leading technical teams in antenna, RF/microwave, or radar developments


Existing Secret clearance or ability to obtain a secret clearance with interim clearance prior to start date

Bring your talent and skills to the following IDS group:
Electrical Design Directorate (EDD):
EDD provides engineering design, integration and production to core radar and combat system competencies (process and control, integration and test, power systems, receivers and exciters, antennas and microwave subassemblies).

EDD has responsibility for the following areas:
Phased Array Radar design – RF/microwave antenna design

Power and Electronic systems design

Receiver & Exciter Design - REX System Analysis, Exciter Design, Receiver Design,

Low Noise Sources, Simulation and Modeling, Metrology, Integration and Test

Mixed Signal Design - Receiver A/D Converters, Direct Digital Converters, Receiver D/A

Converters, Digital Waveform Generators, Mixed Signal CCAs, Mixed Signal Modules and Subsystems

Digital Hardware - Subsystem/Module Digital Circuits, FPGA/ASICs, Beam Steering, Mixed Process/Photonics/Sensors, COTS systems, COTS interfaces, Subsystem Development, VME/PCI

Digital Systems – System Trades, Architecture, Embedded Processing

Software Design - Real-time Signal Processing, Beam Steering, Embedded Software

Photonics Design – Fiber Optic Communication, Optical Control

Within EDD, the Antenna and Microwave Department has responsibility for the following:

Antenna Systems - Antenna System Analysis, Array Analysis, Electromagnetic Analysis, Array Calibration and BITE, Signal Level Analysis, Assembly, Integration and Test

Antenna/Microwave Subsystems - Phased Array Subsystems, High Power Subsystems, Antenna Subsystems, Signal Level Analysis, Subsystem Integration and Test

RF/Microwave Design - Simulation and Layout, Passive Circuits, Amplifiers, Ferrites, Component Test, Material Characterization

Antenna Design - Radiating Elements, Reflectors, Feedhorns, Radomes/Frequency Selective Surfaces, Simulation and Layout, Antenna Test

Members of the Antenna and Microwave Department hold key roles in all of Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) programs.

An example of work performed in this department is phased array antenna design – and the analysis of array performance, including time side lobes, noise figure, noise floor, and other parameters. This work requires an engineer familiar with the use of numerical modeling techniques and tools to determine the impact of array performance on radar or communication system performance.

Working in this department involves close cooperation and communication with other engineering disciplines including systems, mechanical and software.

Engineers in this department also follow their designs into production supporting manufacturing operations and system integration and test functions. Teamwork, trust and accurate results are essential to the success of working in this department within the Electrical Design Directorate.

Other examples of work performed within the Antenna and Microwave department include: design of Radio Frequency, Microwave and Millimeter Wave circuits, components or modules for use in radar or communication systems and measurement of subsystems using antenna test techniques, equipment and facilities.

Keywords: antennas, radars, HFSS, ADS, CST, MatLab