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Technical Manager/Flexible Packaging

Bristol, TN


Bristol, TN

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The Technical Manager assures that the functions of development of new products, process engineering, technical support to customers, management of the quality and compliance to good manufacturing standards and practices meet the Company requirements and are continuously improved.

Background and Skills:
• Experience on the management of Managers and Supervisors.
• P&L, budgeting and cost analysis. Good understanding of how products and services in the converting industry are priced.
• Good verbal and written communications with all hierarchical levels internally and externally to the Company.
• Analytical skills and critical thinking to assess the objective and subjective requirements associated to each project, not only on the technical but also on the commercial aspects. Ability to translate the requirements into plans and evaluation criteria.
• Knowledge of industry standards for management of quality systems, good manufacturing practices and food safety, environmental compliance and sustainability.
• Practical accomplishments on management of quality systems, continuous improvement, optimization of production process and problem solving.
• Technical knowledge of the flexible packaging requirements for the different goods and markets, especially food, and the corresponding VFFS and HFFS packaging process commonly utilized by the customers. Ability to offer technical support to customers.
• Knowledge and practical experience on the converting process of flexographic printing, laminating, slitting, pouch and bag making. Good understanding of the physical principles involved in web handling, printing, laminating, heat sealing and response to mechanical solicitations of substrates during processing and on the final packages.
• Knowledge of the physical properties of flexible packaging substrates (LDPE, LLDPE, BOPP, CPP, BOPET, Nylon, paper), their co-extruded and coated versions. Good understanding of their manufacturing process and familiarity with the key players in the industry.

• BS on an Engineering degree: Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical or other.
• Training on Quality Management Systems and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Reports to: CEO

Direct Reports: Quality Managers, Compliance Manager and Senior Quality Technician.

• Development of New Products: assures hands on management approach to the process of conceiving and introducing new products or process to customers and the company, assuring that the economical objectives are satisfied, defining the necessary protocols to test and validate the product internally and externally and assuring that they are followed. Accountable for supporting the corresponding P&L growth.
• Customer Samples and Product Trials: manages the process of supplying trial samples to existing and prospective customers, assuring the manufacturing feasibility and economical viability of the products. Assures that the product specification and manufacturing instructions are established and properly communicated for regular production. Accountable for the time to the market and competitiveness of the products.
• Process Engineering: assures the improvement of the existing production process and product lines by proposing alternative packaging structures, raw materials, manufacturing routes and equipment. Bench mark the products and production process with the industry. Accountable for cost reduction and improvement of competitiveness.

• Quality, Sustainability and Good Manufacturing Practices: Assures the adoption of updated industry standards, scientific methods and best practices to guarantee the quality of the Company products and services, the compliance to food safety standards and sustainable initiatives according to the Company objectives. Accountable for the financial and image impacts relative to the quality and compliance of the Company products to the industry standards.

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