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Certified Test Consultant Independent Contractor

The Wehrman Collaborative (WeCo)
From $25 an hour - Part-time, Contract



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About Digital Accessibility by WeCo

Digital Accessibility by WeCo is a digital service company which helps organizations make websites/software/mobile applications accessible by providing them with direct access to subject matter experts who live with disabilities. We are a company founded and staffed by digital technologists who live with disabilities with a strong outreach to communications and administrative professionals who live with disabilities. WeCo is an equal opportunity employer with a dual missionof helping organizations create accessible digital venues and providing career opportunities to talented professionals who may be overlooked by traditional work environments.

About this role

WeCo trains talented professionals who live with disabilities to become digital subject matter experts with the goal of helping organizations find practical ways to make their online and electronic venues accessible to a wider range of people living with disabilities. Applicants must be living with one or more disability that impacts how they function using computers and mobile phones (see Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications for this Position)

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibility of the Certified Test Consultant (or CTC) Independent Contractor role is to engage the unique insights an individual living with a disability or disabilities in their life experience, in performing user-experience tests for websites, software, mobile applications and other electronic venues, for WeCo’s clients.

Desired Results

The WeCo Certified Test Consultant role builds upon the unique perspective of individuals living with disabilities and pairs them with WeCo’s proprietary Disability-Focused Usability Testing method.

1. The Certified Test Consultant will successfully complete WeCo’s proprietary Disability-Focused Usability Testing training

2. The Certified Test Consultant will successfully participate in WeCo’s Disability-Focused Usability Test Cases.

3. The Certified Test Consultant will successfully engage in conveying the insights of their own digital experience, through the lens of their disability, to WeCo clients

Additional Contract Earning Opportunities

Qualified Certified Test Consultants at WeCo can also expand their contract earning opportunities into a variety of roles within our company. Additional training is required for each. Some of these include:

· Public Speaking

· Manual Accessibility Audit Delivery

· Specialized Usability Testing Projects

Skills, Traits and Competencies

· Live with one or more disability that impacts how they function using computers and mobile phones (see Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications for this Position)

NOTE: WeCo reserves the right to select individuals who live with a given type of disability or disabilities, that is required currently for us to fill testing roles to meet our client’s immediate needs.

· Mastery of assistive technology used to access website and software, if applicable to a person’s disability.

· Ability to navigate websites and software at a basic level or above. (ability to navigate and interact with forms, modals, etc. via keyboard commands and/or mouse actions)

· Have access to a laptop or desk top computer.

· Access to and ability to create a document in Microsoft Word.

· The ability to access websites via one or more type of mobile device.

· The ability to complete work independent of supervision OR be positioned to work consistently with the assistance of a job coach, counselor, friend, or family member, to complete assigned work on time and to the expectation level communicated by the company.

· Space to work from home or create a home office environment.

Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications

In order to be qualified to do the work required by this role, the candidate must, among other requirements, live with one or more disability* recognized by the US Department of Human Services: Cognitive, Hearing, Motor Skill or Sight related.

* Questions about the disability requirement for this position? Please see Chapter 14 of the US Equal Opportunity Commission Part 1625.6 Qualified Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications and Minnesota State Statute 363A.08 Sub-division 4 relating to this requirement.

Please be sure to answer the questions within the application regarding your disability.

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Pay: From $25.00 per hour

Application Question(s):

  • Do you live with color blindness?
  • How long have you lived with your disability?
  • If you use techniques or assistive technology to navigate websites and mobile applications, how long have you used them? And are you comfortable demonstrating them?
  • Do you work with a job coach?

If so, will that job coach be assisting you in application, training, and job activities?

  • What languages do you speak?
  • How did you hear about Digital Accessibility by WeCo?
  • Do you live with a hearing disability? Do you rely upon tools to receive audio information differently than if you didn’t live with your disability? Example: Do you rely upon closed captioning when viewing videos? Please list any tools below.
  • Do you live with a motor skills disability? Do you have limited or no fine motor skills? Example: Do you rely upon speech recognition software, modified mouse or keyboards, or other techniques to navigate a webpage? Please list below
  • Do you live with a sight disability?

Do you need a tool to view information on a webpage? Example: Do you rely upon a large monitor, screen magnification or screen reader software? Please list tools below

  • Do you live with a cognitive disability?

Does your cognitive disability cause you to perceive digital information differently than if you didn’t live with your disability? Example: Is it difficult at times for you to read and understand busy web pages, or pages with dense and wordy content? Please explain below


  • Manual Accessibility Audit: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Usability Testing: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Public speaking: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location: Remote