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Director of Youth Ministries

Chambersburg Church of the Brethren
260 S 4th St, Chambersburg, PA 17201
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260 S 4th St, Chambersburg, PA 17201

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  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance

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Job Description

Director of Youth Ministry

Approved by the Church Board 1/17/24

Function: To build, lead, develop, and plan the Youth Ministry at the Chambersburg (4th Street) Church of the Brethren.

Accountability: The Director of Youth Ministry directly reports to the Senior Pastor, with accountability to the Church Board and Executive Committee.

Working Conditions: The Director of Youth Ministry is a 3/5 (i.e., averaging about 24 hours a week), part-time position with the Chambersburg Church of the Brethren. Because of the nature of the position, it requires flexible hours, including evenings and weekends. The Director of Youth Ministry will have an office available to him or her and several locations, within the Chambersburg Church of the Brethren campus to conduct Youth Ministry events.

Youth Ministry Responsibilities

a) Develop and build a ministry for middle school (i.e., 6th to 8th grade) and high school (i.e., 9th to 12th grade) students both inside and outside the Chambersburg Church of the Brethren (Church).

b) Weekly School Year Youth Ministry Program

  • Plan and lead, or work with youth ministry leaders to plan and lead, a weekly Youth Ministry Program, including worship, biblical instruction, recreation, and snacks during the school year (i.e., September through May).

c) Monthly Summer Youth Ministry Activity

  • Plan and lead, or work with youth ministry leaders to plan and lead, a monthly Youth Ministry activity during the summer months (i.e., non-school year; June, July, and August).

d) Youth Ministry Leadership Team

  • Recruit and build a team of competent leaders for the Youth Ministry.
  • Meet with Youth Ministry Leaders, as needed.

e) Weekly Youth Ministry Sunday School Class

  • Plan and lead, or work with youth leaders to plan and lead, a weekly Sunday School class for middle and high school students.

f) Vacation Bible School.

  • Plan and lead, and work with youth leaders to help plan and help lead, an annual Vacation Bible School in the summer months for pre-kindergarten and elementary aged children (i.e., pre-k to 5th grade).

g) National Youth Conference

  • Organize, plan, and accompany youth to National Youth Conference, which currently occurs every 4 years (with all expenses paid by the church).


  • Build each student’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Provide biblical instruction and guide students in Brethren beliefs (e.g., baptism, non-violence and peace, simple living).
  • Plan and lead activities that will encourage group building and friendships.
  • Support youth in school and extracurricular activities, personal interests, and hobbies.
  • Regularly communicate with youth to foster connections and advise on church events and opportunities.
  • Send monthly communications to parents/guardians informing them of upcoming events, such as Graduate Sunday (recognizing recent high school and college graduates) and Youth Sunday (having the Youth group lead worship service).
  • Attempt to meet with the parents/guardians of the students twice a year.
  • Encourage youth participation in church events that develop their faith, confidence, and sense of leadership, including activities in the Southern PA District and other local and national events.

General Responsibilities

a) Prepare and lead youth related worship services including graduate Sunday, youth Sunday and Vacation Bible School conclusion Sunday.

b) Develop, plan, and request board approval for youth fundraisers, and support other church board-approved fundraisers.

c) Prepare a written monthly report for the Lead Pastor and Church Board.

d) Attend regularly scheduled meetings as follows:

  • Monthly Church Board
  • Monthly Christian Education Commission
  • Weekly Staff Meetings
  • Monthly Executive Committee, upon request

e) Regularly attend worship service (at least 3 times per month)

f) Keep Senior Pastor, Administrative Assistant, Church Board Chairperson or his or her designee, and Youth Ministry Leadership Team informed on how the Director may be contacted and of any planned or unforeseen absences from regular duties or events.

g) With the Executive Committee of the church, annually participate in opportunities for periodic review and professional goal setting. However, the Director can request more frequent periodic updates.

h) With the Church Board, systematically identify and establish short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals for the Youth Ministry.

i) Obtain and continually maintain appropriate background clearances. In addition, ensure that the Youth Ministry Leadership team members have obtained and continually maintain his or her appropriate background clearances.

j) Maintain a valid driver’s license.

k) Develop a Youth Ministry strategic plan that supports the mission and vision of the Church.

l) Annually participate in developing and preparing a budget for the Youth Ministry as part of the larger unified budget of the church.

Professional Growth

  • Annually participate in at least one professional growth experience relating to Youth Ministries.

Spiritual Growth

  • Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Have a strong, mature faith and character.
  • Meet with the Lord daily.
  • Take time for prayer.
  • Consistently be in God’s Word.

Job Type: Part-time

Expected hours: 24 per week


  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance


  • Weekends as needed

Work Location: In person