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Sales Associate

Central Texas Harley-Davidson
2.8 out of 5
2801 N Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664


2801 N Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664

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  • Dental insurance
  • Employee discount
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance

Full job description

Summary Description

Provide prompt, dependable, high quality, motorcycle sales to customers by using current H-D sales techniques and processes

Job Expectations:

  • Reports to the Sales Manager
  • Read and understand the sales process, which will be provided to you
  • Meet personal minimum average sales goal of major unit sales per week/month (based on full time status)
  • Increase sales and develop prospects by following established sales processes and methods o Minimum average of greets per day. A “greet” is defined as engaging someone in a conversation (either in person, via inbound phone call, or via inbound internet or email contact) about a major unit and getting their name and phone number (when possible) and entering them into a traffic log.

o Minimum average of write-ups per day. A “write-up” is defined as gathering the information necessary for a sales transaction and may include details about the unit, the buyer, the credit application, etc.

o Minimum average of outbound phone contacts each day to prospects, which may come from your existing guest list, a list from the dealership database, or other sources. A “contact” is defined as actually talking to the prospect not just leaving a message.

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Average Major Unit Sales Per Week/Month

Average Greets Per Day

Average Write-ups Per Day

Average Outbound Phone Contacts Per Day

  • Comply with requirements for entering and maintaining customer information in Victory database
  • Walk the lot. Have and maintain knowledge of both the new and used major unit products being sold. Quickly develop knowledge of new products when added to inventory. * Maintain an average customer satisfaction index (CSI) score of 9.5 or better * Ensure a memorable sales experience for customer purchasing a major unit o Ring the bell for each new sale

o Take on a tour of the dealership

o Enroll them in Loyalty/Passport club

o Ensure customers’ pictures are taken with their new purchase

o Verify that customers’ pictures were posted to Facebook

  • The employee will be evaluated at the end of each month during the probationary period to determine if the above criteria has been met. If not, management will determine what future

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action will be taken.

Everyday Commitments

  • Treat all employees and customers fairly, courteously, and with dignity.
  • Model superior customer service behavior by maintaining positive relationships with customers, staff, general manager and owner(s).
  • Be prompt and available for flexible scheduling.
  • Be honest and fair in all business dealings.
  • Maintain an enthusiastic front, no matter what the circumstances.
  • Meet or exceed sales quotas on a regular basis.
  • High energy level.
  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrated “closing skills”.
  • Must be able to work effectively with all areas of the dealership to maximize both the buying experience for the customer and the profitability of the dealership.
  • Do not pre-qualify customers. Ensure they are properly qualified based on their needs, wants and ability to buy.
  • Handle customer complaints reasonably, showing empathy and a positive attitude, and demonstrate our commitment to “Make Things Right”.
  • Do what you say you are going to do! Follow Through!
  • Be an ambassador for the dealership and the Harley-Davidson Brand


  • Attend training sessions to keep current with sales techniques and sales department issues. * Stay current on motorcycle trends and selling features.
  • Maintain knowledge and experience with sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and other products sold by the dealership using Dealer provided materials.
  • Understand the competition; having knowledge of other brands will help to sell the advantages & benefits of our product.
  • Remain current with all Sales Department training available by completing classes on HDU, Compli, and eLead CRM. Regularly attend webinars, workshops, and other related training programs assigned by the Sales Manager.
  • Contribute daily to role playing with co-workers so as to improve skills and contribute to a learning environment for all staff

Sales Department

  • Attain new and used sales quotas as agreed upon with the sales manager. * Maintain profit margin objective for all motorcycle sales.
  • Follow procedures to ensure timely and proper completion of all paperwork and CRM requirements.
  • Guide every customer through the H-D of Dallas sales process.

− Follow the C.U.S.T.O.M. sales process

− Greet customers immediately, in a courteous and friendly manner

− Greet and log every prospect who wants to buy a bike (whether today or in the next 3 years). − Obtain customers name, contact information both phone and email.

− Use floor time effectively to meet customer needs and solicit sales.

− Use P.R.O.B.E. process to find out Prospect wants, needs, and desires.

− Present the features of products to customers along with their benefits.

− Show each customer advantages of products over competing brands.

− Encourage every customer to sit on the motorcycle.

− Participate in Test Rides with customers.

− Ensure customers are properly qualified by needs, wants, and desires.

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− Handle telephone transactions quickly, and courteously.

− Practice an advantage/benefit selling methodology so that all customers receive consistent treatment when doing business.

− Implement the Customer path with every major unit sale.

− Ensure the delivery to customer is an “EVENT” which connects the customer to the dealership.

  • Enter prospects into eLead CRM System on a daily basis.

− Update eLead CRM System as customer moves through sales process.

− Schedule & maintain all sales activities (appointments, calls, etc.).

− Contact customers using mailing lists and personal follow-up to encourage additional sales and ensure customer satisfaction.

− Cultivate prospects (e.g., showroom customer follow-up, phone/internet inquiries, past owners, Riding Class Graduates, Event Follow Up, etc.).

  • NADA/NPA price look-up
  • Pencil deals in eLeads
  • Locate new bikes through H-DNET
  • Conduct physical monthly bike inventory
  • Cross sell additional parts, accessories, F&I products, Warranties & service contracts etc. with all new and used vehicles.
  • Contribute to a clean and tidy showroom floor: wipe down and move motorcycles as needed, etc. * Promote HOG memberships & engage in HOG activities
  • Assist with pre-delivery inspection prior to delivery to customer

Physical Demands

  • The noise level in the work environment is occasionally loud.
  • Daily requires the ability to balance and push heavy motorcycles.
  • Requires majority of the day on your feet

Working Conditions

  • Potentially exposed to battery acid, gasoline, chemical cleaning materials or other toxic materials commonly found in a vehicle service department.
  • Occasionally, exposed to exhaust fumes or other airborne particles

Expectations of all employees:

  • Training. Attend and complete all required training assigned by your manager by the due date * Follow the 10-foot rule. Smile at and verbally acknowledge every customer within 10 feet of you * Work assigned schedule. Be punctual; avoid unplanned absences
  • Attend meetings. Attend and actively participate in required department, store and other meetings
  • Be positive. Have fun; have an upbeat attitude; assist and support your coworkers; be a problem-solver
  • Act with integrity. Treat everyone with respect; be honest; communicate effectively and frequently
  • Behave professionally. Do your best work; have a neat appearance; comply with cell phone and computer policies; exceed customer expectations

Job Type: Full-time


  • Dental insurance
  • Employee discount
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • Day shift

Weekly day range:

  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekend availability

Work Location: One location