Small businesses in the US plan to hire in a big way in 2015. Last month, in its monthly look at the sentiment of small business owners about the economy, the Wall Street Journal/Vistage Small Business CEO Survey found that 63% of respondents expect to see the total number of employees in their companies increase this year, an increase from 56% a year ago. However, in every business category surveyed, CEOs report “lack of skilled applicants” and “locating talent” as the biggest challenges to planned hiring activity.

For growing businesses planning to hire, understanding how candidates are searching for jobs is essential. Increasingly, the default approach to job search mirrors the information gathering strategy that people use in other aspects of their lives: search engines.

Search engines streamline and expedite the process of finding the perfect restaurant, news article or washing machine. Likewise, a search engine for jobs has become the preferred resource for modern job seekers, creating an unrivaled volume of motivated candidates for employers.

Of course, a wave of applicants is not likely to put the perfect hire into an empty desk. Companies also need cost-effective tools and smart strategies to connect with the most qualified candidates in their applicant pools. Here are five ways to use Indeed to make the best possible hire, faster.

1. Post and manage your jobs directly.

Indeed offers small businesses a simple way to post jobs without a career site as well as tools to manage postings and applicants. Reviewing resumes, contacting candidates and managing recruiting budgets is all done from a simple dashboard. Employers can generate performance reports to gauge the effectiveness of their hiring campaigns and only ever pay when job postings attract candidates.

2. Be mobile-ready.

Jobs posted directly to Indeed are automatically optimized for mobile devices, with no extra effort or expense on the part of the employer. With 50% of job searches on Indeed coming from handheld devices, it is crucial that job seekers be able to not only view, but also apply to jobs as soon as they see them. The payoff? Indeed data shows that employers who accept mobile applications receive twice as many quality applicants.

3. Don’t wait for the perfect candidate to come to you.

Employers can increase the odds of finding the perfect applicant by searching for candidates with particular experience and qualifications. Indeed Resume allows employers to search millions of resumes for talent and make up to 100 contacts at no cost.

4. Use search to your advantage.

Indeed is one of the most powerful search engines in the world. By using the titles and keywords that savvy, experienced job seekers are searching, employers can dramatically increase the odds of quickly connecting with candidates who have the skills and experience they need.

5. Give applicants a glimpse inside your company.

Informed matches are the best matches and increasingly, employee reviews are helping qualified applicants decide which company is right for them. With over 6 million reviews by employees, Indeed Company Pages are a valuable component of a successful recruiting strategy. By claiming their company pages, employers can add photos and social media links to give candidates a sense of what makes their companies great places to work.

Together, these strategies can help growing businesses make the key hires they need in 2015 while managing the hiring process simply and more cost effectively. Indeed has a dedicated team of Client Services representatives available to advise at every step of the process, from job posting to budget management.  To open a free employer account and begin posting jobs today, visit