This post was updated in June 2019.

Whether you’re actively searching for a new job or interested in learning about what’s available, there are several ways you can narrow down your options and select the roles that are right for you. Try these five advanced job search techniques while planning your next career move:

1. Upload your resume so employers can find you

Thousands of employers search on Indeed Resume every day to find great candidates. They search for the exact skills and experience they need and reach out to candidates directly.

In addition to making it easy for recruiters to contact you, you’ll be able to use your Indeed Resume to easily apply to jobs on web or mobile without needing to attach additional files.

2. Let us notify you when new jobs are added

On Indeed, you can conduct searches for the job titles that interest you, the companies you’d like to work for and the locations where you’d like to work. To receive regular updates on new jobs that match your criteria, you can create job alerts that are sent directly to your inbox.

You can set up as many alerts as you like and cancel them at any time, staying on top of new opportunities as they arise and managing your job search along the way.

3. See what others are saying about potential employers

There are six million reviews on Indeed written by former and current employees. These reviews provide a look at what it’s like to work for thousands of companies. You can browse through this feedback to get a sense of whether you’d be a good fit, learn more about the specific role that interests you and start preparing for an interview.

Pay it forward by leaving feedback for your current or former employers, contributing to the community of job seekers who are all in search of an insider’s perspective.

4. Browse salary data to learn what’s being offered

While you’re researching companies, be sure to take note of the salaries being offered for the positions that interest you. You can also compare what different companies offer for the same job.

This gives you a foundation for setting your expectations and driving the conversation around salary once you’re in the door.

5. Track your job search at every stage

Save the jobs that spark your interest, take note of the ones you’ve applied to and see where you are in the interview process by visiting Jobs you apply to on Indeed will appear there automatically and you can easily add jobs you’ve applied to elsewhere.

You’ll get a comprehensive view of all your options, be able to take notes on each job and access the information you need to make the right decision. Like your Indeed Resume, you can access this list on web and mobile so you can keep track of your job search when and where it’s convenient for you.