What does it take to become the world’s leading chemical company? For BASF, the 150-year-old global chemical giant, success is based on a team of people working together, all focused on building a sustainable future.

With a broad portfolio ranging from chemicals, plastics, performance products and more, BASF hires lab technicians, agricultural scientists, electrical engineers and professionals of all kinds.

To learn more about how they’ve crafted an effective recruitment process and employer brand, we talked with Bernadette Palumbo, Director of Talent Acquisition, and Greg Pflum, VP and General Manager. Here are three tips they shared that enable BASF to attract, develop and retain the best talent:

Keep up with technology to attract the right people at the right time

Being very agile is key for Bernadette and her team, and sponsoring jobs is one way for them to adjust recruitment campaigns in order to get the desired results. Candidates are searching via web and mobile and expect a seamless search and application experience regardless of the device they’re using. Investing in certain jobs at the right level ensures the postings are seen by the most relevant candidates, raising the visibility of those jobs from the millions of job postings that appear in candidates’ search results.

This strategy has lead to a greater return on investment than many other sourcing channels offer. The average cost per hire for BASF is $4,500 dollars. For candidates who come from Indeed, that cost drops to $1,000—a 78% decrease in spend.

Enable candidates to educate themselves on what it’s like to work at your company

Placing job postings in a prominent position is only part of BASF’s recruitment strategy. Another critical area is developing their employer brand and showing job seekers what life within the company is really like.

“Indeed is one way for us to see what candidates and employees are actually saying about us, and having this data available allows us to get at some really valuable information,” Bernadette explains.

The BASF company page showcases the brand to help candidates determine if they’re the right fit. “That takes away a tremendous amount of time that the recruiters need to spend pre-screening and pre-qualifying them,” says Bernadette. Featuring photos and video of company life, along with authentic information about the company and what it’s like to work there, the company page helps BASF attract candidates to their brand.

Recognize where talent, skills and passion align

Once they have great candidates in the pipeline, BASF focuses on identifying what people are truly passionate about, and they create career paths that enable people to leverage that passion.

“We need people that can create the chemistry that customers expect from us,” says Greg, “A lot of what we focus on is helping other people be successful through recognizing where with skills, talent and passion lie, and helping them achieve those.”

A strong recruitment funnel leads great candidates to BASF. Once they’re in the door, the BASF team wants to ensure that people grow and develop. The clear focus on customer needs and environmental sustainability helps them guide candidates into the path that fits them and the organization best.

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