Learn from the recruiters behind pro athletes, entertainers, and even CIA agents as host David Mead talks to the individuals responsible for finding the world's top talent.

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In Behind The Talent, we hear from the people who find the people driving industries, entertainment and culture. Host David Mead, a speaker, consultant and internationally-recognized expert in the world of work interviews the best scouts and recruiters around to hear their stories and learn the secrets of talent attraction.

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David Mead: New from Wondery, Behind the Talent, a podcast brought to you by Indeed, where we sit down with the people who find the people that drive industries, entertainment and culture. People like Oakland A's executive, Billy Beane.

Billy Beane: We were mispricing baseball players' skills. We were valuing the wrong thing.

David: Like Hollywood agent, Shep Gordon.

Shep Gordon: We don't have a normal job. We have a person's life in our hands.

David: Human Resources expert, Nicole Davidson.

Nicole Davidson: We have to be “people geeks.”

David: And more. People who know who to hire and how. People who can help you manage the workforce of tomorrow. I'm David Mead. Join me for Behind the Talent, available wherever you listen to podcasts. You'll also find videos and articles about the world of recruiting at indeed.com/lead.