Shaping tomorrow’s leaders starts with today’s teachers. That’s why Challenger School uses Indeed solutions to hire the best.

When it comes to education, Challenger School is a grade above the rest. Its curriculum teaches students to be independent, lifelong learners. And it all starts with the teachers it hires.

But finding great teachers for 25 campuses across 5 states is tough. “A year ago I used 4 different recruiting sites. It was incredibly time-consuming and costly,” says Alice Hansen, HR Assistant at Challenger School. “One of the hardest things about recruiting for Challenger School is communicating our unique mission and building brand awareness with job seekers.”

So how does Challenger School find quality educators who get what they’re all about? Hint: Indeed might have something to do with it.

Indeed's solutions provide a way to get in front of candidates that are serious about developing their careers with Challenger School.”

Joe Sloan, Digital Marketing Manager
Challenger School

The solutions

Challenger School uses these tools to make hiring a breeze. Here’s how they work:

  • Sponsored Jobs makes job listings more visible. That means those listings get up to 5X more clicks than non-sponsored jobs.*
  • Indeed Resume lets you search for and connect with quality candidates nationwide.
  • Indeed Targeted Ads filters candidates based on their activity and years of experience. So you can be confident that only quality candidates are seeing your ads.
  • Indeed Hiring Events is an affordable way to bring talented applicants together. You’ll spend less time looking for them and more time meeting them.
  • Company Pages Premium helps you tell your company story through photos, videos, social feeds and templates.

The results

Challenger School used Sponsored Jobs to fill high-priority roles, fast. Now, Alice doesn’t need to go to multiple recruiting sites to refresh and repost jobs.

It’s hard to find candidates who are detail oriented enough to get through Challenger School’s unique application process. With Indeed Targeted Ads, Alice was able to make 5 hires for hard-to-fill roles. “With other sites, we had to spend a lot of money to blanket a job category in order to hopefully reach the person we wanted to apply,” says Alice.

Nothing beats meeting applicants face to face, so Challenger School hosted some hiring events. “Indeed Hiring Events make it easy to communicate with people who are interested in our event, send reminders and track attendance,” says Alice.

And last but not least, Challenger School used Indeed Company Pages to share its unique company culture. “It helped job seekers understand what makes Challenger such an exciting place to develop their careers,” says Joe Sloan, Digital Marketing Manager for Challenger School.

With using mostly Indeed services, our application-to-hire rate went up 8% during our peak hiring seasons.”

Alice Hansen, HR Assistant
Challenger School

By the numbers

Indeed Company Pages Premium

  • 38% increase in brand impressions when Challenger School upgraded to Premium
  • 60% increase in profile views when Challenger School upgraded to Premium

Hiring Events

  • 3 events in 3 weeks
  • 64% of attendees hired

Sponsored Jobs

  • 137% increase in applies
  • 63 hires

Indeed Resume

  • 53% response rate
  • 6 hires

Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply

  • 10 locations
  • 20% increase in applies
  • 321 applies
  • 5 hires

*Indeed data (worldwide)

This case study is provided for illustrative purposes only, and should not be taken as a guarantee of future performance.