Recruiting comes with unique challenges. On the surface, it may look clear: Just find someone who can fulfill the requirements of your open role. But job seekers can be a complicated and unpredictable species, and the right fit is often more elusive than it sounds. 

As a recruiter, you know that you do much more than simply fill roles. You develop a deep, almost unconscious ability to understand job seekers. This soft skill helps you identify high-quality prospects, but it’s only half of the equation. 

Your messaging can make the difference in whether a candidate considers your role or keeps looking. While you may know what makes someone a good fit, many recruiters struggle to express this in a way that resonates with candidates. The more tactical side of the equation involves capturing job seekers’ attention and convincing them to join your team. 

Based on Indeed research into job seeker behavior, this e-book will help recruiters like you develop your existing knowledge of job seekers into a sixth sense for getting top talent to come on board — incorporating proven outreach strategies and drawing from our unique data on job-seeker behavior. 

This outreach guide provides all the resources you need to master the art of effective outreach, including:

  • Messaging best practices for recruiters
  • Sample templates for outreach emails
  • Checklist for effective messaging