The best job descriptions help candidates understand what a certain role requires while also conveying what’s special about your company and the team they’ll be joining.

Today’s recruiters combine the science and art of job titles and descriptions to connect with the right people for any kind of role. These make up the core of your job content - the information you develop, publish and share to attract candidates. Optimizing this job content for how people search for jobs today enables recruiters to become expert marketers for their employment brand.

There’s no set formula for creating top-notch job content, but there are a few steps that can help you identify the right job titles and descriptions and measure their performance. Our latest eBook contains the practical tips, insights and examples to enhance any recruitment content strategy.

The eBook shares how you can:

  • Use data to understand what people are searching for
  • Craft standout job descriptions and titles to reach the right candidates
  • Increase the visibility of your jobs
  • Add personality (and a dose of reality) to your content
  • Measure the effectiveness of job content

Download the eBook to learn how small changes to your job content can have a big impact on your recruiting efforts.