Pain points in the hiring process come in all shapes and sizes. And, most share a common element: time. For candidates, the problem is wasted time. We’ve all been there, slogging through a complicated form on an unfriendly user interface: No wonder half of all job seekers give up 10 minutes into an application! Just think of the potential talent you’re missing.

As for recruiters, the problem is not enough time. If only everyone involved in the hiring process could quickly get through the hundreds of discrete steps needed to place your job in front of talent, maximize the applicant experience and lead to hiring success. Shouldn’t there be a more streamlined method to post your job and seamlessly screen for the most relevant candidates? 

We hear you. And we’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding talent needs and helping recruiters hire more efficiently. So we are introducing a feature that relieves those applicant frustrations, boosts the number of quality applies, and helps you build your candidate shortlist — faster. No, we can’t clone recruiters or provide time travel. But Indeed can put hours back into your workday by helping you create a frictionless, mobile-friendly applicant experience — with one single click. Say hello to Enable Indeed Apply.

Faster, quality recruiting is made simple with Enable Indeed Apply

Time, as they say, is money. And when it comes to hiring, recruiters are well aware of this correlation: On average, filling a role takes 36 days at a cost of $4,129 per hire (or $14,936 for executive hires). That's why we developed the Enable Indeed Apply feature — to optimize the performance of your aggregated jobs. 

With an easy click of the "Enable Indeed Apply" button, you’ll improve the applicant experience and get access to free quality control tools that help you get to your candidate shortlist faster. This simple action not only relieves job seeker frustrations around a cumbersome applicant experience, but also boosts the likelihood that you’ll find the right fit for your open roles.

Learn how to drive more quality applicants with Enable Indeed Apply:

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So how does Enable Indeed Apply do all this? The explanation begins with the different ways your jobs can show up on Indeed. 


With the first method: we aggregate, meaning Indeed automatically finds and “scrapes” jobs from your careers site or ATS onto our platform. The potential downside? When talent is ready to apply, they may run into some familiar frustrations: Many career sites are not optimized for mobile viewing or resume submissions, even though 70% of applications submitted on Indeed are from — you guessed it — mobile devices. And those cumbersome application experiences on unoptimized sites result in a lower volume of applicants. Who wants to lose quality candidates before you ever even get a chance to interview them?

Posting directly on Indeed

The second way is by posting your job directly on Indeed. For employers, posting a job on Indeed  — particularly with its options for sponsorship and quality control tools — is a simple, smart way to connect with even more relevant candidates. For talent, the applicant experience is both streamlined and optimized for mobile resume submissions, meaning more talent can view and apply to your jobs. 

But what if you have many jobs to post, or multiple jobs in one city and one position in several different locations — all of which need to be filled now? Let’s go back to that pain point: time. How can your recruiters post all of those jobs more efficiently, and get closer to that right-fit hire? 

Enable Indeed Apply

The third approach combines the best of both options. When you select “Enable Indeed Apply,” those aggregated job posts are converted into optimized postings on Indeed, saving everyone time. Instead of posting from scratch (which can be time consuming), recruiters now have the option to simply click the “Enable Indeed Apply” button to boost their job posting performance on Indeed. And instead of going through a lengthy or hard-to-use application process, job seekers now experience a more seamless flow. 

What’s more, Enable Indeed Apply gives recruiters the option to incorporate screener questions — and job postings with screener questions are 60% more likely to result in a hire. Did you know that Indeed Assessment skill evaluations can be added to jobs with Indeed Apply enabled? A whopping 72% of candidates welcome assessments as an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, and employers benefit from looking beyond the resume at candidate abilities, aptitudes and personalities

The Enable Indeed Apply feature also offers more time-saving, helpful functions for recruiters. Search jobs by title or location; manage, pause, or sponsor jobs at any time; and track and export candidate information throughout the hiring process. In short: you can do more in less time.

Not only is Enable Indeed Apply free for employers with an Indeed account, but that single click can also lower your cost-per-apply for sponsored jobs by 20%. Sponsored jobs get more visibility with relevant talent. Get more of the right eyes on your posting, and you’ll get to your candidate short list in no time. 

Try Enable Indeed Apply now!

Curious about how Enable Indeed Apply might work for you? Talk to an Indeed Sales or Client Success representative about building a frictionless applicant experience. Try Enable Indeed Apply and let us know what you think! And if you’d like to know how your jobs are performing on Indeed, contact us — we’re here to help.

Note: To be eligible to use Enable Indeed Apply, you must have aggregated jobs on Indeed, a verified source and an Indeed Account. If you don’t have all of these attributes, you are not eligible to use Enable Indeed Apply in the ‘Jobs’ Dashboard at this time. Check with your Sales or CS representative to add this feature.