This post was updated in June 2019.

In today’s talent-driven economy, business leaders are being urged to strengthen their organizations’ employer brands so they can attract and retain the best talent.

Companies that effectively communicate their values and culture have always had a competitive advantage when it comes to finding the best candidates, and this advantage has grown as job search has changed. What current and former employees say about a company shapes its employer brand — 83% of people say reviews influence where they apply. With more than 8 million reviews, Indeed Company Pages are key to promoting that brand. Company Pages allow you to showcase your jobs, company information and culture to millions of potential candidates — all for free.

We recently rolled out several new features for Company Pages, giving employers even more tools to tell their company's story and attract the best-fit candidates. While creating a cohesive employer brand takes a strategic and determined team, with these new features there are some practical steps you can take in the short term. Here are three ways to instantly enhance your employer brand:

Make a great first impression

For employer brands, there is a benefit to forging an emotional link with the candidates you want to apply, and the initial impression you make goes a long way in creating that bond.

You can now add a header image to your company page to display the best your employer brand has to offer. This header image is the first thing job seekers see when they visit the page, and you should take advantage of this space to create a strong first impression.

Showcase images and video of your workplace culture

Today, most skilled candidates are employed. This means people can take their time in the job search, evaluating companies one by one to find the right fit. Employers need to offer more than a job; they need to offer a culture that people can see themselves joining.

Use your Indeed Company Page to share what working at your company is really like. You can add multiple videos and images, with any supporting text you’d like. You can also determine the arrangement of all these elements, leading with the media you want candidates to see first.

In need of inspiration for the kinds of videos and images you should add? Take a look at how companies like Ford and Progressive are sharing their employer brand message.

Share social media updates with your talent audience

You can add your social channels to your Company Page to show off your workplace and company perks so that a candidate can assess what you have to offer. By bringing all of your updates to one place, you enable candidates to simultaneously consider the job that’s best for them and see what your organization really values.

More than 50,000 reviews are being added to Indeed each week. These reviews cover all aspects of a work experience with your company. With all your jobs in one place, combined with your other branding efforts, candidates can easily learn where they fit in and find the opportunity that’s best for them.

If you haven’t claimed your company page, you can do so here. If you’ve already claimed your page, you can update it by signing in and searching for your company. Once you find your company in the search results, click-through to see the new features. Click “Edit Page” on the right side of the screen to make updates.