Work helps people thrive — and thriving people create thriving businesses.

At Indeed, our mission to help people get jobs is directly tied to our commitment to Environmental, Social & Governance or ESG. 

And by delivering on this commitment, we are empowering job seekers and employers to drive positive, transformative change. 

Today, on behalf of our parent company Recruit Holdings, I am excited to announce our short- and long-term ESG commitments. 

Our environmental goals are to reduce our impact on the planet. 

  • That means by the end of 2021, Indeed’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality  
  • And by 2030, achieve net zero in greenhouse gas emissions 

Most companies’ Social pillar focuses on changing themselves, their culture and their workforce from within. You’ll see those goals reflected in our Governance pillar. 

Instead, our “S” looks outward to society with three ambitious goals meant to transform hiring over the next 10 years:

Now first, we’re going to make job search faster and simpler. 

  • This includes helping 100M job seekers get hired and shortening the duration of the job search by 50%.

Indeed is focusing on two key initiatives to shorten the duration of job search:

  • Indeed Hiring Platform allows job seekers who meet hiring criteria to schedule an interview in minutes and helps employers automate time-consuming recruiting tasks so they can focus on the highest-value activities. 
  • And, Indeed Interview: By maximizing the number of interviews hosted on Indeed, we’ll gain unprecedented insight into what's happening in the hiring process so we can make it better and more efficient.

We’re committed to removing barriers to employment with technology. 

Using products and data, we will help 30 million people facing barriers get hired, as well as reduce inequalities in hiring, and support first-time job seekers in India through product innovation and partnerships.

We have a three-step approach to support job seekers with barriers:

  • We’ll comprehensively identify who is facing barriers within the US and across the globe;
  • We’ll build a product team with a focus on developing inclusive hiring products and capabilities;
  • And then we’ll get these inclusive hiring capabilities into the market so you can adopt them and job seekers can take advantage of them.

Lastly, we’ll establish a standard for measuring and improving work happiness.

Work happiness and well-being is about more than just keeping employees engaged. It's about human sustainability, economic security and psychological safety. It’s about how people choose jobs and how employers build workplace cultures — increasing everyone’s ability to thrive. 

Our goals around governance are to build sustainable equity for our people and policies. 

  • We aim to increase Indeed’s workforce representation of women globally to 50% and representation of underrepresented ethnic minorities in the United States to 30% by 2030
  • We’ll launch a supplier diversity initiative focused on women, LGBTQ+, veteran, people with disabilities and minority-owned businesses
  • And continue to elevate sustainability oversight to Recruit Holdings’ Board of Directors 

As a data-driven company, we’ve also listened to the research, which shows that committing to ESG today can help the planet, job seekers and your business thrive for generations to come.Please join me in supporting these goals and visit Thank you.