The world is becoming more and more automated. With the advancement of new technologies, events and experiences that were once intimate and personal are being dehumanized and ultimately, replaced. Recruitment is one of the most “human” processes. It relies on personal judgement, in-person interaction and tenacity. How can talent acquisition teams keep the human side of hiring alive while also embrace technology and data to make recruitment processes more efficient?

Indeed Interactive, our annual customer and industry event, will answer this question and more. The theme, “The Human Side of Hiring: Inspiring Connection, Passion & Loyalty,” focuses on the intersection of relationships and technology. Drawing on new insights and original research, Indeed Interactive will explore how employers can avoid common traps that dehumanize the hiring process and provide tips and training to build valuable human connections early in the recruiting process. Through a series of presentations, workshops and demos, we’ll show you how to leverage recruiting insights and the power of the human connection to engage, inspire and retain passionate talent.

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What is Indeed Interactive?

Interactive brings together talent leaders from around the country to Austin, Texas, to discuss trends in jobs search behavior, solutions for the most pressing hiring challenges and the latest in recruitment technology. Over 1,000 talent professionals from a range of industries and companies will come together for three days of:

  • Captivating keynotes from the brightest minds in talent acquisition, business and technology
  • Substantive educational sessions to build out your recruiting arsenal
  • Creative breakouts to learn how innovative leaders are tackling tough challenges
  • Real-world tactics, tricks and insights for data-powered hiring you can use now

Why attend?

Interactive is the opportunity for Indeed direct employers  to learn cutting-edge recruitment techniques from thought leaders at some of the world's most respected companies. Attendees are given hands-on access to the latest Indeed products and services, and the opportunity to learn from experts on the latest trends in hiring in breakout sessions, such as:

  • Humanize Your Hiring Through the Power of Storytelling: This keynote focuses on the power of storytelling and the unique ability to humanize otherwise intangible concepts. With an insightful lens on hiring (and the humans behind it), this session will leave you looking at recruiting in a whole new way.
  • The Next Generation of Job Search: Putting People First: Learn how you can leverage Indeed’s latest product offerings to meet your business goals in this educational session.
  • Why Your Hiring Decisions Aren’t as Personal as You Think: Linking economic research with psychology, this session shines a light on the funny ways humans learn, behave and make decisions. Discover how subconscious cognitive quirks—both yours and job seekers’—can impact hiring processes and global markets and explore ways to guard against flawed decision-making.
  • And much, much more.

Register today to secure your place among the hiring visionaries and thought leaders attending Indeed Interactive.

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