We’ve all been there — looking for openings on a company’s site only to find a poorly designed and out of date career page, possibly with a lone job on it that expired three months ago.

What’s the only thing missing from this experience? A tumbleweed blowing past and a lonely crow cawing in a tree overhead, as if to say: “Abandon hope, all ye who (try to) look for jobs here.”

And let’s not forget about the places we haven’t been. Lots of companies don’t even have a career page. Job seekers visiting these sites looking for opportunities simply won’t find them.

Of course, if you’re an SMB owner or manager, it can be difficult to find the time and resources to build a page for your jobs, or to keep one up to date. So here’s some good news: Indeed recently introduced its new Career Page solution, making it much easier to capture interest from talent searching for jobs on your site.

But before you go out and create one, here are four tips that’ll help you get the most out of your new career page.  

First impressions count

Internet users make up their minds quickly. In fact, according to one study, it takes approximately 50 milliseconds for people to judge the quality of a web page.  

Now job seekers may stick around to read your openings but the fact remains: A low-quality or off-brand career page can give the wrong impression.  Because your career page is a direct reflection of your company, the experience is key.

To make sure your career page reinforces your company identity, add your logo and choose the color theme that best reflects the design of your website.

That way, people know they’ve landed on a site they can trust — with job opportunities that are worth pursuing. With your Indeed Career Page, you can do all this through a tab in your Indeed dashboard, and your page will be automatically updated.

Make the jobs on your career page easy to understand

When creating job titles and descriptions that appear on your your pareer page, remember that you’re talking directly to your candidates.

This is your chance to connect with them.

You want your job titles to be concise, descriptive and targeted so they stand out from other roles. In fact, Indeed data shows that job titles with fewer than 80 characters get more clicks from job seekers.

And we all know that competition for talent is fierce, so it’s worth the time and effort to create great job descriptions that pull candidates in and show them that your company is a great fit. Some tips: balance clarity and length, but also make sure your values, brand personality and company mission shine through.

All this can be done through your Indeed dashboard, and the jobs that appear on your Career Page will simultaneously appear on Indeed. 

(And go easy on wacky job titles that contain terms like “ninja“ or “rockstar.” Although these showcase a fun company culture, there are other ways to convey that without needlessly confusing job seekers. If you are a certified media planner, you probably won’t be searching for a “Conference Ninja” job.)

Help job seekers help you

Your career page should have information on how to apply for your jobs, what the standard process or protocol is and how job seekers can contact you. 

This can save your HR staff  from getting repetitive emails, calls or questions. In other words, include information on your page that will ultimately help job seekers help you. Your Indeed Career Page includes a text field that can be used for this purpose.

It’s also good to let applicants know what to expect after submitting their application. Giving information about the next steps of the application process will not only save your company and HR team time, but it will free them up to focus on more important tasks. 

Think short and long term

Although your career page is designed to attract job seekers, there will be plenty of instances when visitors to your site may not be looking for a job at all.

When creating your career page, keep this in mind because even if some visitors don’t need jobs at the moment, they might be interested further down the road. Make sure visitors don’t leave your site without learning something new and interesting about the company.

Consider supplementing your career page with an Indeed Company Page. Company pages are full of employee testimonials, photos of the office, engaging videos and interesting facts about your firm. They showcase the company culture and help attract talent.

You can link to your company page from your career page. Make that initial impression count, and it could very well lead you to your next hire.


With this advice advice in mind, why not get started? Indeed’s Career Page solution can help you start attracting applications on your site in a matter of minutes — for free.

Although it is hosted on Indeed’s platform, you can customize it with your logo and design features — there’s no need to worry about inconsistency across your company site. For visitors, the experience will be seamless.

Indeed’s Career Pages are automatically updated when you edit the description from your dashboard and when you close or pause jobs. They are also optimized for mobile viewing on any device, and they are completely integrated with the jobs you post on Indeed.com.

All you need is an Indeed account, a few minutes to spare and you’ll be on your way to expanding your pool of potential talent in no time. Visit the Indeed Career page for more information on how to create your ideal page.