Lots of employers trust Indeed to help them find great fits for their open roles. You may have heard of tools such as Sponsored Jobs, which appear optimally in Indeed’s search results, making them over 3.5 times more likely to result in a hire.  

But there’s a lot more you can do with Indeed to get closer to a great hire. And many employers are barely scratching the surface when it comes to making the most of our platform and services.

For example, did you know that we have an entire Client Success team whose sole purpose is to support employers? And you don’t even have to spend money on Indeed to utilize them. We sat down with Client Success team members to get some answers to the question: How does Indeed work for employers? They share how employers can get the most out of Indeed and its resources — and ultimately make better hires.

1. Access extensive help resources for all your, “how does Indeed work?” questions

Our “help for employers” page offers access to so much information, even Indeed’s internal staff uses it. The most frequently asked questions and answers are posted here, collected from a massive amount of firsthand data: in a recent week, our Client Success team responded to more than 9,000 calls and 3,000 emails, as well as nearly 2,000 chats. Topics on the help page range from how to post a job to the cost of sponsoring a job to specific policies for certain types of jobs, such as truck driving. 

These help resources are for everyone — you don’t even need an Indeed account to use them.

2. Get personalized support as soon as you have an account

Though Indeed strives to make things as straightforward as possible, we know navigating a new site or product can be confusing. And when you’re trying to make a hire, getting slowed down by technology is the last thing you want.

If the “help for employers” page can’t answer your, “How does Indeed work?” questions, there’s no need to struggle solo. Our Client Success team is available to provide personalized attention from the moment you create a free Indeed account. 

Once your account is created, you’ll have access to an individual employer dashboard where you can manage job postings, candidates and account information. To contact Client Success, click the “Need help?” button at the top-right of your dashboard and follow the instructions.

3. Get assistance with job descriptions

According to Kelsey Drake, Client Support Specialist, “your job description is as important as how much you spend posting the job.” In other words, if you’re not writing job descriptions that engage job seekers and accurately describe the position, even sponsoring your job — that is, paying a premium so your job remains high in the search results — may not get the results you want.

Luckily, Indeed offers plenty of support. Not only are there tips on our help site, but account holders can also contact Client Success, who will walk through your specific job title and description and troubleshoot with you why it might not be getting the applicants you want. Just click that handy “Need help?” button again for one-on-one assistance.

4. Get advanced analytics information

As soon as you sponsor a job, you’ll gain access to Indeed Analytics: an in-depth analysis tool. Not only will this show you how your own job is performing, but Indeed Analytics also provides information on your competitors; the top locations where people are searching for your job title; the top search terms for your industry in your city; and more. 

Here’s an example: Let’s say you post a job, log into Indeed Analytics and discover job seekers in another city (or country) are looking at your jobs, or ones similar to yours. It might be time to let remote workers apply — or open another office. 

Want to know what words people are using to search for jobs in your field? Indeed Analytics can tell you, so you can use those words in your company’s job titles and descriptions to attract more, and more qualified, candidates.

If you’re using Indeed, you’re already serious about hiring. These tips will help you learn more about how Indeed works for employers and get you the most out of what we have to offer, so you make better hires faster — and get back to business.