This post was updated in September 2020.

Imagine this: You’re looking for an Office Coordinator to join your organization. You would like a candidate who has at least two years of professional experience, an associate degree in business and excellent organizational skills. How do you go about finding the best candidate for the job in an efficient and timely fashion? You post a job on Indeed.

When job seekers use Indeed, they search for the type of job they’re looking for and the location where they’d like to work. While many of the results they see are jobs that have been posted around the web, they also see jobs that employers have posted directly on Indeed. 

Employers choose to post jobs directly on Indeed for a variety of reasons. Not only is it free for you to post a job, but your company doesn’t need to have a career site in order for your jobs to appear. Your jobs also appear on both mobile devices and desktop computers — allowing for candidates to easily apply from any device so you don’t miss out on talent.

Post your job in four simple steps

Even better, it’s really easy. In fact, posting a job on Indeed can be accomplished in four quick steps:

1) Create an account

First, sign in (or go to our “Indeed for employers” page to create an account — you can access this from the “Post Job” link at the top left of our homepage). 

2) Write your job title and description

To post a job, enter your company name, job title, job description and job location. For any job description, you’ll want to include information like what role a candidate will play in your organization and the characteristics of the ideal candidate. (Psst: want some tips? You can see a sample job description for Office Coordinator here, as well as sample job descriptions for dozens of other positions here).

3) State your job requirements

If you would like your candidate to have certain experiences or skills, you have the option to state job requirements, like education level and years of experience. For instance, a top candidate for Office Coordinator would have an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in business and at least two years of experience in office administration. 

4) Sponsor your job to hire great people faster

Last, while you can choose to post your job for free*, you also have the option to sponsor your job. Sponsored Jobs are promoted by employers and receive better visibility in search results. Sponsored jobs are also 3.5X more likely to result in a hire than non-sponsored jobs**. 

When you sponsor a job, you also unlock Instant Match. Immediately after you pay to post, we search through millions of resumes on Indeed to show you candidates that fit your job description. You can invite them to apply right away, or at any time from your employer dashboard. 

Sponsored Jobs are paid for using a pay-per-performance model, which you can learn more about here. There’s no extra cost to use Instant Match.

Post today, hire tomorrow

At Indeed, our mission is to help people get jobs. Our search engine helps job seekers easily find your job postings — and helps you find awesome candidates. Now that you’re armed with these tips, post a job today and find your next great hire!

* Terms, conditions, quality standards, and usage limits apply.

** Indeed data (worldwide)