No matter the industry, businesses need employees with varied specializations in order to operate effectively. For example, while tech companies require software engineers, they also need to hire graphic designers and marketers, among many other specialists. Likewise, big grocery chains certainly need cashiers and managers — but in the 21st century they also need data science experts.

But if employers need a wide array of skill sets, what happens when their industry just isn’t associated with them? A data scientist, for example, might not consider grocery stores when job hunting, although in today’s world the fusion of online and brick-and-mortar retail means forward-looking stores need them. Employers could be missing out on great candidates just because job seekers don’t have them in mind when looking for new opportunities.

So how can you combat this problem and get much-needed talent to come work for you? Let’s look at how you can use a combination of storytelling and technology to attract candidates that don’t even know you’re out there.

Get your (employer) brand right

First, think about how you are perceived by job seekers — your employer brand. Perception may not be reality, but it will inevitably affect the type of talent you attract.

In fact, that can be part of the problem. Your company could have a stellar reputation — but the popular understanding of who you are could be rooted in the past and not where you’re headed. Brand perception can affect every firm, big or small. There are steps you can take to deal with it; using authentic employee storytelling can work wonders to change perceptions about your company and shape your employer brand.

And of course, you have to work to get your story out there. You can do this through platforms such as social media or in-person events or third-party review sites such as Indeed Company Pages.

Target, reach and engage with your audience using ITA | Brand

So you’ve taken the time to create and curate an employer brand. You’ve got reviews and ratings and photos of employees at charity events, all to show what a great place it is to work … but how do you get the job seekers you most want to attract to see all this? Especially if they aren't looking for you?

And how can you get results a little faster?

Well, you can combine those efforts with a tool such as Indeed Targeted Ads | Brand to directly target job seekers who may not know you’re in the market for their kind of skills.

Chances are you have already have seen ITA | Brand ads on Indeed. These are banners that advertise specific companies and appear on the right-hand side of the search results when job seekers look for work.

With ITA | Brand, you can target, reach and engage with your audience, as well as stand apart from your competition by using the work you’re doing on your employer brand to grow your reputation and better tell your story on Indeed. Let’s do a quick-run intro of the benefits and how it works.

How it works

First, the targeting. Using the audience-targeting capabilities in ITA | Brand, you can really get specific about the talent you’re searching for — narrowing down your candidate pool through search history, where they’re located or their job searches for a specific location.

You can also target potential candidates through Indeed Resume content such as qualifications, previous job titles and more.

In addition, you can increase engagement by customizing your ads to fit the message you would like to share about your company.

Here’s where your Employer Brand comes in. For example, if you want to target entry-level candidates and you know a fun work environment is appealing to new grads, you can include a picture of employees at a company event in the ITA | Brand ad to communicate your workplace culture.

You can also direct candidates who click on your ITA | Brand ad to your Company Page, where they can deepen their exposure to your storytelling about who you are.

Displaying and customizing

Your ITA | Brand ads appear on both desktop and mobile and include the company name, an image of your choosing, the text you want and more.

You can also customize your Call to Action (CTA) in different ways. In the first option, your CTA can be set up to ask candidates to become followers of your company on Indeed. Followers can then receive weekly updates that include open opportunities at your company.

In the second option, Indeed can link your ad to more information so candidates are brought to your company page or to a specific job query that only includes your company’s opportunities.

And of course we help you measure results. ITA | Brand users also have access to analytics on how their ads are performing. Brand Analytics is found under “Employer Tools” on your Company Pages. You’ll be able to see how candidates are engaging with your brand and measure brand performance on your Company Page.


Some of the most interesting conversations we have at Indeed center around the evolution of the job seeker, and particularly how establishing a connection with employers is more important than ever.

In fact, 78% of employed professionals report that they spend more time with colleagues than they do with their own families, so having tools in place to drive the right traffic to your employer brand is going to be vital to ongoing levels of satisfaction and productivity in your workplace.

By using employer branding efforts coupled with tools such as ITA | Brand, you’ll be able to grow your brand reputation as well as put yourself out there and get candidates to engage and learn more about working at your company and, ultimately, find a workplace that’s the right fit. Employers and job seekers alike benefit when all these efforts align.

Happy hiring!

Taylor Meadows is an evangelist on Indeed's Employer Insights team.