For several years now, Greenville, South Carolina-based Human Technologies Inc. (HTI) has focused on extending its reach to job seekers in innovative ways. In 2018, for example, the company — which partners with employers to help them build an engaged, committed workforce — rolled out its Job Mobile, a “job truck” that travels throughout the Southeast to extend HTI’s recruiting capabilities beyond its physical locations.

During the pandemic, as HTI and its clients saw turnover rate almost double to 15-20%, the company needed to find other creative solutions to extend its recruiting. HTI has experimented with various recruiting providers but finds that Indeed continuously produces the most quality candidates, reaching 100% of US online job seekers 1 (and even more with its Trusted Media Network).

HTI has been successfully using Indeed Hiring Events to further extend its candidate outreach. And during the pandemic’s early, most difficult days, HTI started using Indeed Hiring Platform. Candidates who were fearful of in-person meetings appreciated the ability to easily participate in virtual interviews. Indeed Hiring Platform helps candidates find jobs, get prescreened using the employer’s specific questions or assessments and connect with recruiters quickly.

With Indeed Hiring Platform, the HTI team was also able to reach a more diverse group of job seekers than was possible with in-person interviews. For example, they were able to hire a couple experiencing homelessness who had become unemployed at the beginning of the pandemic. The couple applied, scheduled an interview and interviewed for their jobs with HTI using a smartphone and Indeed Hiring Platform.

Indeed Hiring Platform has also enabled HTI to increase the number of interviews its recruiters can conduct. For example, on average, Indeed Hiring Platform has helped HTI obtain 100+ quality candidates in just eight hours, much higher than before the company’s use of Indeed’s platform. HTI has also increased its show rates to an average of about 25%, up from approximately 15%, thanks to its use of Indeed Hiring Platform.

“There are recruiting and staffing agencies on every corner in most towns. Indeed Hiring Platform enables us to generate the most — and the best — candidates, which separates us from the rest of the pack,” says HTI Vice President Brian Buchanan.

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