Happy birthday to Indeed Academy! Our online training program has been helping recruiters learn how to use Indeed for a whole year.

If you haven’t used it, then here’s a quick recap of what it does: It’s a free program made up of 11 courses for talent attraction professionals who want to hone their recruiting skills.

Since recruiters are busy people, Indeed Academy is very flexible. The courses consist of short, informative video lessons that teach you how to attract, source and engage talent faster and more efficiently. Not only that but they are available on demand and are self-paced, allowing students to decide when and where they want to take them. And to recognize their achievement, course graduates receive an exclusive digital badge for use on their email signatures, social media profiles and more.

With a year under our belts, we have also gained insight into recruiters’ priorities. We took a look at the data to see which Indeed Academy courses are the most popular and what this tells us. Here’s what we found.

What do recruiters want to know?

Each of the 11 courses offered by Indeed Academy falls within one of four modules that address specific aspects of the hiring process: Attract, Source, Engage and Analyze.

“Attract” focuses on helping recruiters make their companies attractive to potential candidates, while “Source” covers how to find qualified candidates quickly. “Engage” shows recruiters how to communicate and follow up with candidates during and after the interview process, and “Analyze” involves understanding and interpreting key data.

So overall, what were recruiters most interested in learning about?

The most popular courses on Indeed Academy

In this list, which ranks courses by completion rates, it seems that recruiters on Indeed Academy are most focused on topics that fall within the “Attract” module, which teach them how to make their companies and postings more attractive to job seekers. In fact, all but one of the top five fall under the “Attract” module.

Ranked number one is “The science of talent attraction,” which helps recruiters understand the psychology and mind-set of candidates who are looking for jobs.

This is followed by more tactical courses like “Writing job titles and descriptions on Indeed” and “Building your employer brand on Indeed” that spotlight the value of using tools like Company Pages to tell your brand story and attract quality candidates.

Finally,”Posting and sponsoring jobs and being a Featured Employer” rounds out the top five. This focuses on how recruiters can post jobs or sponsor jobs on Indeed, serving as an employer's guide to gaining the most visibility for both their companies and available positions.

Learning advanced techniques for sourcing using Indeed’s resume database is a priority

However, we also see a course from the “Source” module — and it’s pretty popular. That’s “How to find top talent using Indeed Resume,” which lands in second place. It teaches recruiters advanced tactics for getting the most of our resume database.

So it’s clear that learning how to best attract candidates is the number one priority for most recruiters on Indeed Academy — and given today’s tight hiring market, no wonder! However, once those essentials are mastered we find recruiters spending time on learning how to use Indeed performance data or specialized services such as Indeed Resume.

Health care, tech, and staffing industries use Indeed Academy most

Indeed Academy is particularly popular among those who work in the health care, tech, and staffing industries.

Those who work in health care are the largest percentage to sign up and graduate on Indeed Academy. Of course, the health-care industry is both a massive employer — it is expected to contribute one-fifth of all new jobs by 2020 — and one experiencing acute shortages, especially when it comes to nursing roles.

Tech may employ fewer people than health care, but it is also a field in which demand outweighs supply and recruiters struggle to get noticed by tech candidates, as many have competing job offers. The tech hiring process can also be very lengthy, taking on average 4.5 weeks to fill a staff-level role.

In the staffing industry, cutting down on the time to hire is also a priority. Of these employers, 64% say talent shortage is a top challenge for them, and 42% say candidate acquisition is a top priority. Interestingly enough, those in the staffing industry are more likely to complete individual courses but are less concerned with graduating from the program itself — perhaps speaking to the busy lifestyles recruiters lead. For them, it is important to prioritize.


These are just the sectors we see using Indeed Academy the most, but we see many people from other fields on the program. The courses are designed for all recruiters, and we encourage anyone who is interested in mastering the tools and techniques of their job to give it a try. We think you’ll like it.

It’s great to see how far Indeed Academy has come in the past year, and we’re excited to continue working on ways to make our training program better than ever, as we continue to help recruiters find great candidates. We’ll also be adding a podcast soon, so stay tuned.

So what are you waiting for? Start (or continue) your learning journey with Indeed Academy today!

Colleen Pacanowski is Senior Manager of Indeed Academy.