The holidays are right around the corner, and it’ll soon be the close of yet another year. And what a year it’s been! 

Most notably, Indeed celebrated its 15th birthday. We’ve come a long way from when we launched in 2004 with an impressive 1 million jobs. Fast forward fifteen years, and we now have 250 million users searching for 25 million jobs in more than 60 countries around the world every month. And this year, we also opened offices in seven new cities, including Milan, Italy, and Aberdeen, Scotland. 

As 2019 draws to a close, let’s take a look at all our milestones this year on the Indeed blog. 

Indeed Blog highlights of the year

With New Year’s resolutions still fresh in everyone’s minds, we began January — and 2019 — with a post from Paul Wolfe, SVP of Human Resources at Indeed. He gave some insights on how managers and employees can make their one-on-one meetings more meaningful and engaging and offered four tips to improve the experience: plan what to cover, listen and learn, develop a rapport and honor your obligations.

In February, we released our top “hipster” jobs and cities roundup. Our data team analyzed jobs and job searches that included variations of hip keywords like “organic,” “yoga,” “tattoo” and “distillery,” to name a few. The winner for most widely available hipster job was the bartender — and the hippest city award went to Boulder, Colorado. 

What’s the secret to happier employees, higher earnings and a thriving workplace culture? It’s appreciation! To celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, we kicked off March with a post about the positive impact of employee appreciation programs on your company and how you can show appreciation to your employees. 

April brought some big names to the Indeed blog. Employer Brand Specialist and host of The Talent Cast podcast James Ellis shared with readers how to create a great employer brand by starting small, while William Tincup, President of RecruitingDaily, shared some insights on the difference between recruiting millennials and Gen Zers. 

Since then, we’ve also had subject matter experts on the blog such as Meghan M. Biro, founder of TalentCulture; Irina Shamaeva, Chief Sourcer at BrainGain; Lisa Watson-Barrow, founder of Kada Recruiting; J. T. O’Donnell, founder and CEO of WorkItDaily; and Jan Tegze, author and talent acquisition leader. Thanks to all our contributors for sharing their knowledge and expertise on the Indeed blog this year! 

May was an especially eventful month. We hosted one of our largest Indeed Interactive conferences to date, with nearly 1,800 attendees. It was two fun-filled days of insights, learning and fantastic speakers. “Crazy Rich Asians” author Kevin Kwan also joined us on day one to talk about fostering creativity, followed by Amy Poehler on day two, who sat down with Indeed CEO Chris Hyams to discuss authenticity.  

We also shared the exciting news of Indeed’s collaboration with Goodwill and our commitment to helping 1 million job seekers around the world find jobs by 2024, with Goodwill organizations in the U.S. and Canada partnering in this initiative.  

In June, we heard from Jed Kolko, Chief Economist at Indeed, about what happens when the good times end. He discussed recession fears, the risks facing the economy and what this means for employers and job seekers. We’ve expanded our coverage of the labor market this year in our collaboration with the Indeed Hiring Lab, recently taking a deep dive into the jobs that people don’t leave and the industries where it’s toughest to find talent.  

July was an exciting month for the Top-Rated Workplaces program. We released the Top-Rated Workplaces in 2019, identifying the top companies to work for based on our 150 million employer ratings and reviews and by looking at companies also featured on this year’s Fortune 500 list. The top five winners for 2019? Adobe, followed by Facebook, Southwest Airlines, LiveNation and Intuit. 

In August, we launched the Indeed Blog’s Ghosting Week series, covering a new epidemic affecting the hiring world. “Ghosting” originated in the online dating world, where new technology has made it so easy to ask someone out on a date that it has led to an epidemic of no-shows — and this trend has extended to the hiring process. In fact, 83% of employers have had candidates disappear on them during the hiring process! 

In this three-part series, we took a look at why job seekers are disappearing, heard from job seekers on why they ghost during the hiring process, and finally, discussed research-based strategies employers can use to stop ghosting in its tracks. Ghosting seems to be a prevalent problem, as our research was picked up by CNBCForbesFast Company and more. 

It’s no secret that tech recruiting can be a challenging landscape, and in September, Indeed launched Seen by Indeed to solve that problem. Seen is a tech hiring platform that builds upon the technology of its predecessor, Indeed Prime, matching companies to all levels of tech candidates regardless of what stage they are in their career. 

In October, we interviewed Susan Cain, expert on introversion, TED speaker with more than 24 million video views and author of the New York Times bestseller “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” She debunks some common myths surrounding introverts and shares tips on how employers can best support and understand them. 

For example, Cain points out that introverts face an extra challenge in the already difficult hiring process because “there can be a tendency to just judge a candidate based on how sparkly they are in the interview.” To combat this, Cain suggests giving top candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills directly with, say, an experiential interview

In addition to Susan Cain, we’ve interviewed several best-selling authors on the Indeed blog this year. Big data entrepreneur Allen Gannett talked about how to learn creativity; Facebook VP of Design Julie Zhuo shared her experiences on how to be a good manager; researcher and leadership consultant Cy Wakeman discussed how to ditch drama in the workplace, and Obama advisor Alec Ross spoke about the future of industry and work

And just in time for Halloween, we also rounded up some of Indeed’s Scariest Jobs. Ghost tour guide, taxidermist and gravedigger are just some of the scary professions on this list.

In honor of National Veterans and Military Families month in November, our data analytics team dove into over 200 million ratings and reviews to discover which companies provide the best jobs and benefits for current and former U.S. military service members. We also heard from four veterans who work at Indeed to learn how veterans offer important, in-demand skills every company wants — including many soft skills such as communication, organization, leadership and efficiency. 

And for the third year in a row, we dived into weird and wacky job titles on the Indeed blog in December with our third installment of Weird Job Titles: The Year in Review. It’s become something of a blog tradition now to revisit how the geniuses and rockstars and gurus of the job title world are performing and where they’re most popular. 

And there it is — our look back at 2019 through the Indeed blog. We turned 15, we interviewed world-famous authors, we had fun with our data, we published posts from leaders in the talent space and we worked with other teams at Indeed to announce all kinds of news. 

Thanks to everyone who shared in this journey with us. See you next year!