Over the last few decades, technology has revolutionized and reshaped almost all aspects of our lives. While technology has no doubt made our lives easier and more convenient, it has also introduced new challenges for companies, such as how to protect the data and privacy of their users. In fact, a recent report from Pew Research shows that 79% of Americans are concerned about how companies are using the data they collect about them. 

Here at Indeed, we value the fact that 250 million users each month trust us to help them get jobs, and we’re committed to protecting the privacy of our employers and job seekers. Today, on Data Privacy Day, we want to share just some of the ways we’re ensuring the safety and privacy of our users. You can also visit our Transparency Report to learn more about these initiatives.  

Our Security team defends against malicious threats 

Our Security team works closely with product teams to help protect our employers and job seekers. A few ways they do this are through blocking malicious bots and requests and running a bug bounty program. Employers are also encouraged to use two-factor authentication when signing into their account in order to boost account security.

Security at Indeed takes a multi-layered approach to detecting and eliminating malicious traffic on Indeed, which typically takes the form of either bots or human threats. Malicious bots are automated programs that are used to steal user data and register fake accounts, while human-directed attacks are initiated by people. For both cases, Indeed has automated systems in place that are designed to detect and block malicious traffic. 

Indeed Security also runs a bug bounty program to ensure our practices stay ahead of the evolving landscape of threats to our systems. This program, established in 2014 as part of our long-standing commitment to security, enlists third-party researchers to help identify potential vulnerabilities in our systems, and in some cases, includes financial rewards. By crowdsourcing this effort, our internal teams are able to leverage additional expertise and dedicate the majority of their own time and energy to building our core products.

Our Search Quality team protects users from fraud and spam

Our second line of defense is our Search Quality team, which works to protect our users from fraud or spam. They do this by identifying and removing fraudulent accounts as well as low-quality job postings. This helps keep Indeed’s jobs relevant and ensures all users have a good experience using our platform. 

Indeed defines fraud as job postings or accounts that target job seekers or employers with malicious or law-breaking activities. Our Search Quality team has both automatic and manual ways of identifying and removing fraudulent accounts from our site. Users can also report an account or job listing as fraudulent. 

We also aim to have high-quality job postings on our site that align with our job posting standards, and have triggers in place that automatically flag potential low-quality job postings. Employers can avoid creating a low-quality job posting by learning more about the do’s and don’ts of posting a job on Indeed. Posting high-quality jobs not only prevents your job posting from potentially getting removed, but can also help attract top candidates to your role and lead to a great hire. 

Our Privacy team manages access to employer and job seeker data 

In addition to our Security and Search Quality teams' efforts, our Privacy team helps protect our users by keeping them informed of how we use their data and managing data-related requests. The Privacy team’s decisions and actions are guided by our core privacy values, which include being transparent with our users about the data we collect and how it’s processed, and limiting such processing to what is relevant and necessary to improve our products and services. 

A few of the many ways the Privacy team embodies these values is by maintaining robust, privacy-focused user resources such as our Privacy Center and Privacy Policy, and by baking in privacy-by-design as a core component of our product and service development lifecycle. To learn more about how we approach data privacy here at Indeed, we encourage you to visit our Privacy Center.

Indeed is committed to your data privacy

With the help of our Security, Search Quality and Privacy teams, we strive to help people get jobs safely, and we’re committed to our users' privacy on this Data Privacy Day and always.

To dive deeper into how we help protect our users throughout the job search and hiring process, please visit our Transparency Report.