For the fourth year in a row, research from SilkRoad shows that Indeed is the leading source of external hires.

SilkRoad tracks the performance of job sites through its applicant tracking system and analyzes data to rank the most effective sources each year. The research is based on 12 million applications, 600,000 interviews and almost 300,000 hires. According to the study, Indeed is the dominant source of both interviews and hires in 2015 -- 52% of interviews and 54% of all external online hires come from Indeed.

indeed leading job site

This is more than three times the number of hires as Monster, LinkedIn and CareerBuilder combined and more than ten times as many as Craigslist. Over the last four years, the gap between Indeed and its competitors has widened -- while the share of hires from other job sites has decreased or plateaued, the share of hires from Indeed has continually grown.


And this lead isn’t just among other job sites. Of all sources of external recruitment — including offline sources such as job fairs and campus recruiting — Indeed is the leading source, providing 39% of hires —  up from 32% last year.


Unlike other studies that rely on survey data, the SilkRoad report uses an entire year of primary hiring data from more than 1,200 employers of all sizes to show which recruitment sources are most effective. This study is based on automatic source tracking, which delivers the most accurate data on the performance of hiring sources.

Automatically tracking sources of hire delivers clear ROI insights, positioning talent acquisition teams to effectively allocate budgets and target high-quality talent. To learn how you can use Indeed to find the right candidates, contact us.