The internet has made a lot of things in life easier. Don’t know what something is? Google it. Don’t have a storefront to advertise your open roles? Post them online.

However, the accessibility of the Internet can create more work for recruiters — for example, imagine having 500 positions to fill at warehouses opening in five different cities. You could be flooded with resumes, each of which needs to be reviewed. And the screening and scheduling remains a headache — and who’s to say the people you do schedule will actually show up for an interview?

Another consequence of the digital age is a heightened feeling of “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out): the fear, driven by online and social media content, that fun things are happening elsewhere and you’re missing out. Maybe you've got FOMO about candidates for your open roles. Or maybe you wonder how other companies do it.

If so, the answer may actually lie in an old-school method: an in-person hiring event. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at whether a hiring event is best for you and your company’s needs (and we’ll also talk a little about Indeed’s unique new solution, Indeed Hiring Events, which lets you focus on hiring and not on event management). 

What is a hiring event? 

Let’s return to the question of how large retailers or companies appear to seamlessly fill thousands of open roles. Well, they host some of the nation’s largest hiring events in major metropolitan areas across America. These are like job fairs, only they are hosted by a single employer. It’s a designated time and place where you can hold open interview hours for the roles you need to fill, allowing candidates to sign up for spots in advance. 

Hiring events serve as the resume prescreening and the initial interview all at once — expediting the process for both job seekers and employers. This could work for you too: Instead of spending weeks sifting through online applications, you could spend a few hours hosting a hiring event and gain access to a large number of qualified candidates all at once. 

Meanwhile, Indeed Hiring Events can help streamline the process for you. This new solution creates an event page, advertises your event online, provides registration and attendance numbers, tracks attendees and registrants and more,  allowing you to focus on interviewing and hiring, not on event management. As a result, hosting a hiring event sounds a lot more manageable. 

Hire more quality candidates fast

Now let’s take a deeper dive into the advantages of hiring events and how to know whether it’s the right step for you to take. Here are three benefits that these events can bring: 

  1. Faster hires: When you meet people in person, you are both interviewing and reviewing their resumes at the same time. Meeting face to face eliminates resume prescreening time, allowing you to assess their personalities, communication abilities and experience for fit. 
  2. Lower cost per hire: You can make multiple hires from a single job advertisement, lowering your overall cost per hire. Since you’re paying to advertise the hiring event but receive multiple hires through the applicants who respond, the event ad becomes one big job posting.  You can also interview one candidate for multiple roles. For example, perhaps one candidate is not a fit to be a warehouse worker but is a fit for a receptionist. 
  3. Higher-quality candidates: Candidates who sign up for your event and walk into open interview hours are showing motivation and true interest in the role. After all, showing up in person takes more effort than submitting a resume online.

So those are the main advantages. Now here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if this is the best hiring approach for you:

  1. Do you have high turnover or a cyclical need to hire?
  2. How do you prescreen candidates today, and is that an important part of your hiring process? Would you rather just meet candidates in person if they fit basic qualifications? 
  3. How many candidates do you screen per week/month?
  4. What is your time frame for filling open roles? 

If the answers to these questions reveal that you need to hire large numbers of people; that you need to hire frequently; or that those you hire are easily screenable, a hiring event could be a great solution for your ongoing hiring needs. 

Not all roles are suited for hiring events

When determining the roles to include at a hiring event, consider the difficulty of screening for your open positions. For example, roles that require a certification are well suited for hiring events because you can quickly determine if applicants meet the baseline requirements. 

However, if applicants will require extensive testing to prove their abilities or if credentials must be checked — such as when hiring a doctor or software engineer — then in-person events may not be the best platform. 

Here is a more comprehensive list of roles that do fit the mold for hiring events. 

Roles that work well: 

  • Entry-level positions (front desk, interns, assistants) 
  • Roles that require certifications (LPN, CNA, RN)
  • Quick-service roles (fast-food service, gas stations) 
  • Retail 
  • Sales
  • Warehouse/fulfillment positions 
  • Customer service
  • Nursing
  • Trucking/transportation
  • Education (childhood education and day care) 

The last word: Focus on hiring, not on event management

But what if my hiring event works too well? 

If you are worried that people might show up without the “basic qualifications” because applying online was easy, remember, the obligation is on the job seeker to do all of the work to show up and interview. These events can be more effective than the traditional recruiting process — especially when you need to make many new hires across several roles in your organization. 

Hosting your first hiring event can seem intimidating, but it’s well worth the effort.  Say farewell to FOMO and hello to a lower cost per hire, faster fulfillment and more quality candidates!