We’re in the most competitive job market in a generation, with fewer available workers than openings; 94% of US employers at state and local chambers of commerce report that finding workers is either difficult or very difficult. Resignations are at record highs, and Indeed’s research shows that 33% of employers are worried the trend will continue

While company leadership is facing employee churn, they’re also having to address human resources (HR) and recruitment teams who are experiencing increased burnout rates due to leaner resources, tighter budgets and a pressing need to fill seats. Add to this a seismic shift in employee expectations about their work — what Indeed calls the “Great Realization” —  and employers are coming to understand that they need to change what they’ve been doing to attract, engage and hire talent.

Building a data-driven approach to campaign planning and performance

In the face of this push for transformation, what new strategic approaches can help employers rise to the challenge? Indeed Hiring Insights, now available to all employers using Indeed, is a self-service tool designed to provide data, analytics and trend reporting to make your business — and your job posts — more competitive in today’s race to reach quality candidates. 

Now, not only can employers optimize for objective-based hiring campaigns when advertising with Indeed, but they also have access to Hiring Insights. This broad upgrade allows recruiters to execute, optimize and manage job posts across our extended network of Indeed, Glassdoor and Indeed’s Trusted Media Network — all from one campaign experience.

In a tight hiring race, company leaders recognize that every step matters, and the competitive push to reach top talent first demands forward-thinking investments. Analyzing meaningful data to actively inform campaign strategy is a powerful planning method. Hiring Insights builds on-demand, custom reports from billions of data points gleaned from Indeed’s proprietary database of 63.7 million unique visitors per month1, 225 million resumes and 25 million worldwide job posts. These reports equip talent professionals with the latest insights into labor market trends, talent pools, job seeker interests and competitive intelligence across 27 global markets.

Plotting strategy and optimizing results with focused data and analytics

Armed with these custom insights, talent leaders can plot more informed strategies. Recruiters  can revisit, re-evaluate and optimize hiring campaigns with an eye on today’s workforce needs and how to make job posts more competitive. Users can even dig into potential candidates’ recent search terms, optimizing job descriptions based on what target applicants are looking for right now.

In addition to understanding the broader talent and hiring landscape, Hiring Insights reports provide a path to discovering and addressing employers’ questions about unique hiring challenges. For example, where is your talent located? Who else is competing for these quality candidates? How can you best reach job seekers? 

Essentially, Hiring Insights offers tools to help recruiters better understand and respond to the real-time hiring landscape, revealing the ratio of jobs to job seekers in a specific location to determine where to focus hiring outreach or how to allocate budgets. Hiring Insights can show employers the number of relevant resumes in the Indeed database* and the number of competitive companies with similar hiring needs. And Hiring Insights reports can reveal applicants’ preferred devices — and even their top search terms and employers by click rate. The platform also helps recruiters plan and deliver a recruitment message optimized for success by weaving in trending search terms for a given target audience to make job posts more discoverable. That kind of data is crucial to focusing hiring outreach, allocating budgets and developing plans for making job posts more discoverable to the target audience.

Today’s dynamic hiring market demands efficiencies and outcomes that give organizations a critical advantage. Indeed Hiring Insights provides a powerful way for talent acquisition leaders to focus recruitment strategies through real-time data and analysis. By effectively  reaching the right talent pool in the right ways, HR and recruitment teams can rise to meet today’s labor force challenges while building a better, more engaged candidate pipeline. And that’s a strategy to put companies ahead in the hiring race. 

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*This is available only in AU, CA, FR, GB, NL and US.